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Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a kitchen spice that is used extensively in Asian countries. This spicy herb with pungent flavors has been used for centuries to treat various ailments including sore throat. 


This article explores the components of ginger that make it a medicinal herb, its therapeutic benefits other than treating sore throat, and how one can take ginger for getting relief from soreness.

Components of Ginger That Help in Sore Throat

According to a study published in the ‘International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology’, ginger and its constituents have a positive effect on novel therapeutic strategy by controlling the development of diseases.

The chemical analysis of ginger can indicate that there are over 400 different compounds in ginger. Some of the major constituents of ginger are-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids
  • Terpenes- zingiberene, bisabolene, farnesene, sesquiphellandrene, curcumin
  • Phenolic compounds- gingerol, parasols, and shogaol
  • Amino acids
  • Raw fiber
  • Ash 
  • Protein
  • Phytosterols
  • Vitamins- Nicotinic acid and vitamin A
  • Minerals  


The aromatic constituents of ginger are due to zingiberene and bisabolene.

Properties of ginger that help to cure sore throat

Benefits of ginger root

Some of the medicinal effects of taking ginger are mentioned below


  • Reduces the risk of diabetes


Some of the active compounds in ginger that can improve metabolism and enhance insulin. Hence, people at risk of diabetes can add some extra ginger slices to their daily meals.


  • Natural way to relieve out pain


Ginger is known to get instant relief from pain including ear pain, arthritis, sore throat, muscle soreness, etc. Sipping on ginger tea is another natural way to get relief from menstrual cramps. Not only menstrual cramps, but ginger slices can also help in soothing out nausea during periods.  


  • Known to reduce inflammation


Rich in antioxidants-phytonutrients- ginger can reduce cell damage as well as prevent inflammation. This works by reducing cell-signaling activities.


  • Settles an upset stomach


Ginger has wondrous effects on the gastrointestinal tract-esophagus, gallbladder liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. A few pieces of ginger can treat numerous digestive problems


  • Help to curb morning sickness 


All pregnant women have to face the symptoms of morning sickness. There is enough research that can back the fact that ginger is safe and efficient in getting relief from nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.


  • Lowers the risk of heart disease 


Owing to the compounds that are anti-inflammatory in nature, ginger can also reduce the risk of heart diseases. There are findings from research that suggests taking ginger regularly can lower cholesterol and blood sugar.


  • Minimizes the chance of cancer


Ginger is also used for its cell-protecting properties that can minimize the risk of certain cancers. This works by reducing cellular activity that causes DNA changes, cell death, and proliferation of malignant cells. 


  • Aids in weight loss 


When you take ginger with other plant extracts, ginger can aid in losing weight immensely. However, other elements of a diet plan for weight loss needs to be in place.

How to take ginger for sore throat

You can take ginger for getting relief from sore throat in several ways.

A cup of lemon ginger tea with half a lemon and ginger

Raw ginger slices

Consuming raw slices of ginger is the most effective way to cure a sore throat. Simply peel the bark of the root and slice into some chunks that can chew on it. When the root turns into pulp, you can either swallow or spit it out. Try to chew on pieces of ginger 2-3 times a day for relief. 

Ginger candy or lozenges

An individual suffering from a sore throat can suck on ginger flavored lozenges or candies to get relief. Easily available in local grocery stores or pharmacies, excessive taking these lozenges, in the long run, may turn out to be ineffective.

Dried ginger powder or seasoning

Dry up some grated ginger under the sun so that you can store them. Whenever you prepare a meal, you can use some dried ginger to season the meals. This is also available at grocery stores.

Generally, add about two teaspoons of dried ginger per meal. 

For better results, one can add 2 teaspoons of ginger powder without food three times a day. However, taking it with water makes it easier to swallow.

Ginger supplements 

One can also take ginger in the form of supplement pills or capsules. Before taking the pills, read the label directions carefully. Moreover, if it’s possible, talk with a doctor or pharmacist who can suggest an optimal dosage. 

How to make ginger honey tea for sore throat

In recent times, people are prone to suffering from dust allergies or soreness in the throat due to changing weather combined with increasing dust and pollution. If you identified yourself with someone such as explained, taking ginger on a daily basis can help in getting relief instantaneously. 

ginger slices with ginger lemon tea with a cinnamon stick

Starting the day with a cup of strong ginger tea in the morning on a daily basis can be an effective solution for chronic headache and sore throat. Here’s how you can prepare a cup of ginger honey tea. You’ll only need three ingredients- 


  1. Some grated ginger
  2. One teaspoon of honey
  3. Half a slice of lemon



  • Put some grated ginger in a teapot 
  • Add 1 cup of boiling water to the teapot
  • Allow the grated ginger to infuse in the water for 3 minutes
  • Meanwhile, add one teaspoon of honey and juice from half a lemon in an empty mug
  • Strain the ginger tea into the mug
  • Stir the honey and lemon juice into the boiling water


A cup of ginger honey tea is ready to be served. 


Some other variations you can try with the flavor are-


  • You can add cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom before drinking
  • A bit of turmeric can also be added
  • For variation, instead of lemon flavor, one can also add orange juice 





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