How to know if you have piles

There are several reasons for the occurrence of piles in people. The most relevant reason is that people do not take a sufficient amount of fiber in their diet. Consuming less fiber in the diet regularly and not drinking sufficient amount of water each day hinders the natural digestive system. The patient faces difficulty in the formation of normal stool. The stool, in such cases, is very hard and causes pain and a lot of inconvenience at the time of bowel movements.

Do you know what piles are?

Piles have become a very common disease over the past few years. Hemorrhoids is now a day is much more common as compared to earlier. The major reason of the rapid increase in the number of cases of piles is the unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient consumption of water and insufficient quantity of fiber in the diet, the number of patients diagnosed with piles is rapidly increasing.

know what is Hemorrhoids


General Symptoms of Piles.

  • Discharge of blood with the stool- The patient may also experience pain while attempting to pass the stool.
  • Swollen veins around the anal opening- Due to swollen veins around the anal opening, the skin may get sensitive and become itchy and remain irritated.
  • Constant pain and discomfort around the anal area, especially while sitting.
  • A visible lump formed around the anus.

Can piles go away on its own?

There is no evident natural home remedy or cure that helps get rid of piles. Only in the initial cases of piles being diagnosed, the disease can be cured with a healthy, fiber-rich diet along with a lot of intake of water.

piles go away by laser surgery

This can prevent but after the first stage of piles have passed, laser piles surgery is the only effective cure. Some factors that can help prevent hemorrhoid from getting worse are listed below.

  • The condition of piles in patients can improve by increasing the intake of fiber. Adding to fiber to every day’s diet can help improve the disease of the patient with piles. Patients with piles are suggested to consume a lot of fiber.
  • The individual should also drink a sufficient amount of water each day. Sufficient amount of fiber in the diet boosts in the formation of soft stool which makes it easy and pain-free for the patient to pass stool. Healthy or natural fluids which also help in easy passage of stool during bowel movements.
  • Patient with piles is advised to stay physically active. People with hemorrhoids should avoid sitting for prolonged hours. Sitting constantly puts more pressure on the veins inside and around the anus and the anal opening.

Permanent Cure for Piles

The home remedies, following a healthy diet and increasing water and fiber intake can help to get relief from piles. Antibiotics can also prevent the disease from spreading or increasing. Although, all such remedies fail to provide a permanent solution for piles.

get rid of piles

The pain-free Laser surgery for piles is the permanent cure for piles. Patients with piles can get instant and permanent relief from this disease from the laser piles surgery. It is done in a single sitting and the patient can go home easily and comfortably after 12-15 hours after the laser surgery.

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