Meaning of circumcision in different language
Circumcision in Hindiपरिशुद्ध करण (Parishuddh Karan), खतना (Khatna), लिंगाग्रचर्म-उच्छेदन


Circumcision in Punjabiਸੁੰਨਤ (Sunata)
Circumcision in Gujaratiસુન્નત (Sunnata)
Circumcision in Marathiसुंता (Sunta)
Circumcision in Kannadaಸುನ್ನತಿ (Sunnati)
Circumcision in Teluguసున్తీ (Suntī)
Circumcision in Bengali লিঙ্গাগ্রচর্মছেদন


Why should men prefer to undergo circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed by the doctor. Circumcision can be traced back to ancient times as a ritual observed after the birth of a boy. The two religions which usually perform the ritual of circumcision are Islam and Judaism. Considering the fact that circumcision has been observed for such a long span of time, there must be beneficial attributes about which people should be more aware of. 

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Circumcision prevents the chances of risks associated with the reproductive health of males. Men dealing with phimosis usually undergo circumcision that gets them rid of a lot of risks caused by phimosis. Phimosis is a common condition in males, where the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight to retract. Phimosis results in painful sexual intercourse, urinary infections, and even pain while passing urine. Therefore, circumcision is the only effective way to get rid of such problems once and for all. 

Circumcision is performed in males to cure them of the following problems as well:

  • Paraphimosis-

A condition where the foreskin gets behind the glans penis (tip of the penis). This painful condition requires immediate medical attention as it can further cause complications such as decreased blood flow to the penis. So, immediate circumcision is performed in the cases of paraphimosis.


problems of uncircumcised penis

  • Balanitis-

The condition of inflammation or swelling of the glans penis is called balanitis. The causes of balanitis are sexually transmitted infection, skin infection or irritation. Again, this problem is related to the foreskin, so, the foreskin is removed through circumcision.  (Also Read: How to Cure Balanitis Fast? )


Circumcision also prevents the rare chances of developing penile cancer too.

These medical facts validate as to why circumcision is carried out as a ritual in some religions. If it had negative impacts on the health of the males, it would not have been so religiously followed across the globe. But, even in this modern time where almost every day, medical advances are happening, circumcision is performed by the doctors. Specialist doctors called Urologists, perform this procedure. Laser circumcision is the modern procedure to remove the foreskin. 

There are various benefits of choosing laser circumcision over traditional procedures that involve cuts, bleeding and long days of recovery. Whereas on the other hand, the laser procedure is quite simple and of course advanced. It involves no cuts, stitches, and scars. The procedure of laser circumcision hardly takes 15 minutes to complete. The procedure of laser circumcision is free of any pain and the chances of complications after the surgery are nil. Also, as there is no bleeding and stitches, in less than a week only, the patient can resume his work and has no strict do’s and don’ts to follow for a long time. 

Benefits of having a circumcised penis

  • The heightened pleasure of sexual intercourse- The majority of men have agreed that after circumcision, their sexual experiences enhance. And not just for the male partner, the female also experiences more pleasure during sex.
  • Another benefit of circumcision is that the males take more time to ejaculate, so both the partners can enjoy the intimacy for a longer time.circumcised penis
  • It is easy to maintain the hygiene of the circumcised penis. The chances of harmful bacteria building up, and catching UTI’s and fungal infections are significantly low.
  • Lowered risks of catching sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, HPV, and genital herpes. 


Myth: It is a common myth that circumcision can result in the penis losing its sensitivity completely.

Fact: The penis does not lose its sensitivity, instead it makes the penis more hygienic for sexual pleasure.

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