MRI Fistulogram purpose, preparation and cost in India

MRI fistulogram gives the image of anal canal, sphincter muscles and the surrounding tissues. The doctors store the MRI scan image on the electronic devices. In MRI fistulogram, strong magnetic and electronic waves are used to create 3D multiple images.  The complete procedure takes 40-60 minutes. 

Why is MRI fistulogram necessary?

Here is the purpose of MRI fistulogram:

  • To diagnose anal fistula: It is used to diagnose the perineal fistula which is a mass that develops between bowel end and anal skin. 
  • Rule out IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease): It is used to diagnose Crohn’s disease. 
  • Test for obstetric fistula: This is the condition that when a hole develops in the birth canal after childbirth or delivery. 
  • To diagnose different types of anal fistula: To detect fistula – one end opening, both end opening and external opening fistula. 

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How do you know you need MRI fistulogram?

Fistulogram is useful in examining fistulas that form in anal canal, intestine, vagina and rectum. This is a special X-ray process to investigate the presence of fistula growth and inspect the anal region. This is to examine the infection caused between anus and scrotum. It uses contrast X-ray dye to look at the blood flow in the anal fistula. 

How to prepare for the procedure?

  • The doctor provides you the date for blood test before MRI fistulogram. They do not perform this procedure without blood test. 
  • Inform the doctor if you have consumed any medicine or you are on regular medication. They will recommend you when to get the blood test and how to take your regular medicines. The doctor may ask you to stop taking medicines. 
  • On the day of the procedure, you get all the instructions prior to the MRI. You are asked to change your clothes and get into the hospital gown. 
  • The doctor examines your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level and nubs the affected area. 
  • The affected area is cleaned. 
  • Once your area is numb, your doctor places a tiny catheter (tube) in your fistula. This tube is similar to the needle used during dialysis. The doctor then injects a contrast dye into the tube, so they can see what is happening to your fistula on x-rays.
  • The patient goes in the MRI machine which is like a tunnel. There are magnetic scanners inside the machine that send images of the fistula on the computer screen. 

Cost of MRI fistulogram in India

The cost of MRI fistulogram may depend on the condition and location of fistula along with the city you are based in. The price of MRI fistulogram in India may vary from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 8000/-. 

What happens after MRI Fistulogram?

The doctors or the experts give the following instruction after MRI fistulogram: 

  • Do not lift heavyweights
  • Avoid driving or running machine
  • Wear tight clothing to keep your skin away from getting air
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking

Take Away

If you are going through symptoms of anal fistula, consult a general physician and get the necessary tests required to find out the right treatment. You can book online consultation to discuss the condition with the expert and find out the treatment. Hence, write to us below or contact us to know what is the right treatment for you. 

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*Disclaimer: The Cost mentioned in this blog is what Pristyn Care charges as per the City and Treatment and this cost may vary as well depending on the other factors which increase and decrease the cost. The market cost of the treatment may vary depending upon the healthcare service provider and the functional city.

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