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Earache is one such pain that shouldn’t be ignored at all. Pain in the ear indicates that there is some serious health issue. Apart from the difficulty in sleeping or for that matter any other activity, earache can interfere with your daily life. Until you get to try some treatment option recommended by an E.N.T doctor, you can try some natural remedies.

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In this blog, let’s have a look at 10 natural ways that can provide some relief from an earache-

  1. Inhaling steam

    inhaling steam for ear ache
    This is the easiest and simplest natural method to get rid of any infection. Apart from curing the infection, you can also use this natural method to prevent the infection from spreading.
    If there’s any fluid trapped inside the ear, taking steam can clean it instantaneously. You can either take a hot shower or inhale the steam from a bowl of hot water. Make sure you cover the head with a towel while inhaling the steam.

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  2. Garlic

    An earache is a symptom of a possible ear infection. The middle ear can get infected due to a bacterial or viral attack. In such cases, you can consume garlic as this vegetable is rich in a compound, allicin. Allicin is known for its antibacterial properties. But remember it can have some adverse effects if you are already consuming antibiotics. Make sure you consult with an E.N.T doctor before trying this remedy. Apparently, garlic is a good natural remedy for the common cold.

  3. Tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil
    Tea tree oil is another option for treating earache as it contains ample of antiseptic properties. This oil contains terpinen-4-ol that is known to kill bacteria. This essential oil also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. But essential oils such as tea tree oil should not be applied directly. Make sure you mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and then use it. This essential oil is used for treating various illnesses including varicose veins.

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  4. Basil

    basil for ear ache
    Basil or tulsi is majorly used to treat allergies and infections. Tulsi is rich in healing properties. One of the most commonly used ingredients in Ayurveda, basil is considered as the most effective natural remedy that can cure ear infection and earache. Crush some basil leaves and apply it on the affected area. To make it more effective, mix it with coconut oil for the best results.

  5. Olive oil

    olive oil
    There is no scientific backing to this, olive oil is considered as one of the best remedies to treat an ear infection. Scientists believe that olive oil can treat ear infections as it has antibacterial properties. In order to try this remedy, put a few drops of olive oil inside using a glass dropper and let the excess oil go inside your ear. You will be able to get better relief if you first warm the oil and then put it inside the ear.

  6. Neck exercises

    You might not believe this but you can have earache due to stiffened muscles around the ear canal that exerts pressure on the area. Don’t worry as you can get relief by doing some simple exercises. Try rotating the neck and head or lifting the shoulders up towards the ears a couple of times a day.

  7. Ice pack

    ice pack for ear ache
    If the pain inside the ear due to an infection or any other cause becomes unbearable, then it is time to visit an E.N.T doctor. By the time you reach the clinic, apply an ice pack. Wrap some ice cubes in paper towels or cover an ice pack with a cloth and place it over the aching ear for 20 minutes. This either numbs the pain or reduces any inflammation that is causing it. But don’t use it if the pain gets worse when you apply it. Ice packs can be useful in reducing pain during piles, fissures also.

  8. Heat

    heating pad for earache
    If the ice pack is not providing any relief, then try a heating pad. Heat reduces inflammation and pain in the ear. Apply a heating pad for 20 minutes to get some relief. To get the best results,  apply it to the neck and Make sure the heat is not unbearable or you don’t fall asleep with a heating pad.

  9. Massage: When you have an earache, gently massage the tender area as well as the surrounding part of the ear. A massage can drain out excess fluid from the ears that can ultimately prevent aching to get worse. (Also Read: Know about swimmer’s ear and its treatment )Try the following steps to get some reliefmassage for ear ache
    • Apply pressure starting from the behind the ears till down the neck.
    • While applying pressure downward, move gradually to the front of the ears.
  10. OTC medicines

    OTC medicines for earache
    Although it should be consumed after a doctor’s prescription, you can take some over-the-counter medications to get relief from an earache. You can take the following medicines-

  • Pain relievers- Painkillers such as ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can provide some relief from the terrible ear pain. But visit a doctor without wasting any further time if the pain doesn’t seem to subside even after taking pain relievers.
  • Ear drops- These work by reducing pressure in the ear caused due to any fluid and earwax buildup. Ear drops only cure the symptoms of ear infection such as an earache. So visit the doctor if the pain persists even after using these drops.

    Disclaimer- These remedies are not the permanent solution for curing an earache. Try these only after proper consultation with a doctor.

Final words

Earache can be treated naturally with some home remedies. Earache could be due to conditions such as an eardrum rupture. In such cases, it is better to visit the doctor who will prescribe a tympanoplasty. Want to know more about earaches? Drop your query in the comment section below.

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