Stages of Piles: A Pictorial Representation

Piles or external hemorrhoids are caused when walls covering blood vessels are swollen. Generally, this is not a life-threatening condition but sometimes can cause a lot of pain and bleeding in rectum after going to the loo. There are 4 stages of piles referred to as first degree piles to fourth-degree piles.

pictorial views of 4 stages of piles

Hemorrhoids are part of human anatomy. Internal Hemorrhoids doesn’t really cause any pain. Here is how a normal rectum & anal canal looks.

pictorial views of normal rectum anal canal

A first-degree internal hemorrhoid or first stage piles bulges into the anal canal during bowel movements.

pictorial views of piles stage 1

A second-degree internal hemorrhoid or second stage piles bulges from the anus during bowel movements, then goes back inside later or after bowel movement on its own.

pictorial views of piles stage 2

A third-degree hemorrhoid or third stage piles bulge from the anus during bowel movements and can be pushed in with a finger. In some cases, they must be pushed back in after bowel movements.

pictorial views of piles stage 3

A fourth-degree hemorrhoid or fourth stage piles extends from the anus all the time.

pictorial views of piles stage 4


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