Seeking relief from piles, go for laser surgery

Piles is all about discomfort, pain, itchiness and embarrassment. But why to suffer so much when science and technology is offering all the solutions and relief from such problems. In adverse situations when medicines stop providing the desired results and relief after a point of time, you can always go for laser surgery for piles to take refuge. Piles laser surgery can prevent you from recurrence and infection. We will further discuss in this article why piles laser surgery should be the first preference and its benefits.

Laser surgery for piles

Laser surgery for piles is the best resort that comes to the rescue after so much suffering. This treatment is capable of rooting out the problem once and for all.

Unlike the scalpel surgery, laser surgery is less invasive as it does not involve cuts and wounds. The affected area is simply treated with a laser energy directed and focused in a precise manner which then solves the problem within a few minutes and the patient can walk off the hospital the same day of laser surgery.


Under this procedure, laser energy is delivered by radical fiber in the submucosal hemorrhoidal nodes to shrink the nodes from inside. It helps to reduce the blood supply leading to abnormal growth. It also prevents the occurrence or recurrence of prolapse.

The procedure takes only a few minutes which is followed by negligible pain and bleeding. There are not many restrictions and doctor visits, unlike scalpel surgery.

Benefits of piles laser treatment

  1. No cuts, no wounds and almost painless treatment: No tissues are cut that helps in treating symptoms and improving the quality of life of patients. Pain is negligible during the laser procedure.
  2. Negligible post-surgery complications: As laser surgery does not involve cuts and wounds, there are almost no chances of developing any kind of infection or complication.
  3. Immediate return to normal activities with few precautions: A patient can return to a normal routine after 24-48 hours of the piles laser surgery. He/She can do normal daily chores but must avoid strenuous work or exercises. 
  4. Least hospital stay – It is usually a day-care procedure: It’s a 30 minutes procedure. The patient doesn’t even need to stay overnight at the hospital.

For further benefits on your piles laser treatment, you can get it done from Pristyn Care. The added advantages include: 

  1. No cost EMI 
  2. 100% Insurance coverage
  3. Free follow-up after the surgery
  4. Post-surgery instruction guide
  5. Care Buddy by your side throughout the surgical journey

These are some exclusive benefits if you go for piles laser surgery. Post-operative pain is the major indicator of the success of any procedure. And undoubtedly, laser surgery tops that.

After laser surgery, the patients observe less pain, speedy recovery and lesser restrictions than any other method. So cheer up and no need to go through all the unnecessary pain and discomfort due to those invasive old procedures.

But what really causes piles?

Hemorrhoids or piles are a very common problem. It usually goes away on its own often after causing mild pain and discomfort. Piles are swollen veins in your rectum or anus. They can develop outside or inside the anus and are called external and internal hemorrhoids, respectively. In severe cases, piles may cause extreme pain and rectal bleeding which then calls for immediate and right treatment.

The prominent causes of developing piles are:

  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • Straining while passing stool
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity

When to visit a proctologist?

In some cases, piles are not easily treatable and do not go on their own. In that case, one must take an appointment to see the best proctologist in town. Your physician can prescribe you with some drugs, medicated cream and ointments. If piles are not cured by the primary treatment, laser surgery is the best you can opt for. You must carefully observe your body signs and indications. If there is too much blood loss, it could cause anemia, the shortage of red blood cells which is ultimately fatal. Internal hemorrhoids can also cut off the blood supply which will cause strangulated hemorrhoids, which can cause extreme pain.

Final Words

Eating healthy, keeping your weight in check and staying active are some of the lifestyles changes that you can adopt to avoid piles. Eating high fibre food and drinking plenty of fluids and water will help you to keep your digestion smooth. Avoiding sitting for long will also help to prevent piles in the first place. But if you ever by chance experience the problem of piles, going for piles laser surgery is the easiest and best option to choose.

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