Usually, sore throats resolve on their own. However, home remedies for sore throat can help in making you feel better when suffering from sore throat. 


According to research, apple cider vinegar is a home remedy that is rich in antibacterial properties that can help in curing bacterial infections in the throat that can cause sore throat. 

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for sore throat

Boosting up immunity

Apple cider vinegar contains a prebiotic that helps to boost up the immunity. This works by increasing the number of white blood cells and T cells in the body needed to fight off the infection. “Must” is a substance found in organic, cold-pressed apple cider vinegar. These are the pieces of apple fermenting in the juice. They also contain a colony of bacteria that act as probiotics when you consume them. The probiotics give a boost to ward off the infection responsible for sore throats.

Loosening of mucus

Used as an expectorant widely, the acidity of apple cider vinegar can loosen out the phlegm from the throat. Moreover, it thins out the mucus from the respiratory system and helps in breathing more freely. In addition to this, the vinegar also kills various pathogens responsible for the infection. 

Rich in nutrients

Apple cider vinegar is rich in various nutrients. Some of the nutrients that are found in apple cider vinegar are- Potassium, Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin E

Balance the pH

As the apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, it can help in balancing the pH of the tissues of the body. This further prohibits the growth and spread of the bacteria in the throat. 

How to take apple cider vinegar for treating Sore throat

Apple cider vinegar with honey

For treating sore throat more effectively, mix apple cider vinegar with honey. This age-old remedy can also treat other conditions such as common cold, sore throat, and even sore throat congestion.

Gargle with apple cider vinegar

Used mostly as a substitute for honey, use apple cider vinegar for gargling. To use this, mix 1/4th of warm water with 1/4th cup of vinegar. One has to gargle with this mixture for 2 minutes to relieve  sore throat. 

Natural apple cider vinegar tea

Prepare a tea by mixing 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in warm water with one green tea bag. The tea will lessen inflammation as it is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. This will help fight off the infection. 

Rub throat with apple cider vinegar

Rubbing a little bit of apple cider vinegar on the throat can get relief from a sore throat. The smell of apple cider vinegar helps to break down the phlegm in the throat and aid in getting relief from sore throat. In addition to this, the vinegar also boosts up immunity to fight infection.

Cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar tea

Try to drink a concoction of apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and a dollop of honey mixed in warm water. This will help reduce inflammation in the throat and help in getting relief from sore throat. 

Take apple cider vinegar pills

If you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar, then you can take apple cider vinegar pills as an alternative. However, the pills don’t contain the same amount of vitamin C as available in raw apple cider vinegar. 

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Side effects of using apple cider vinegar for Sore throat

The vinegar can cause some side effects due to its acidic properties. Some of the side effects after taking apple cider vinegar are-

  • Irritating the stomach and esophagus lining
  • Erosion of tooth enamel over time

Taking concentrated apple cider vinegar can cause erosion to the esophagus and stomach lining. Moreover, people with acid reflux, stomach ulcers, or who are prone to frequent heartburn shouldn’t take apple cider vinegar. 

Other Home Remedies That Can Cure A Sore Throat

Here are some remedies that help in soothing out the soreness in the throat and eventually treat a throat infection.

  • Make a hot drink with marshmallow root, lemon juice, honey and ginger
  • Take sage and echinacea
  • Try gargling with saltwater
  • Take one teaspoon of honey twice a day
  • Prepare herbal tea with licorice root
  • Drink lemon warm water regularly throughout the day
  • Help yourself with a cup of hot cinnamon tea
  • Gargle with warm water by adding some essential oils 
  • Drink turmeric milk before going to bed (Read here: How turmeric helps in curing sore throat?)
  • To prevent drying of the throat, place a humidifier to moisten the air

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Final words

To sum up, apple cider vinegar can help in getting relief from sore throat. However, some people may be allergic to the acidic properties of apple cider vinegar. When none of the home remedies can help in getting relief from a sore throat, there can be indications of something more serious. 

In such cases, consulting with a Pristyn Care ENT specialist is the most appropriate option. 

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