Circumcision and social stigma

Although circumcision is a medical procedure carried out in males that has various health benefits, it is still something that people cannot discuss in the open. Even in today’s modern times where people are open-minded, circumcision is something that people do not easily accept. According to a survey conducted among college students, almost 80% of boys and 90% of girls considered circumcision as a harmful act. The students were also of the opinion that circumcision is unnecessary. Many even thought that it meant the mutilation of the private part of males.  (Also Read: How The Procedure Of Circumcision Changed Over Time? )

Embarrassed male

Though the time has changed, somehow it is still a taboo to discuss circumcision. Our society still faces instances of mockery and judgments for males who undergo circumcision. The common notion is that it is not normal to have a circumcised penis. Although there are only benefits of undergoing circumcision and no side-effects, still people are not aware of it. Many people who come to our specialist doctors at Pristyn Care share their concerns and reasons for embarrassment. (Also Read: Meaning of Circumcision in Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi )

Doctor’s Quotes

One of the doctors at Pristyn Care added “One of my patients who was 28 years old had to undergo circumcision because of Phimosis. He once shared with me after the treatment that his friends made inappropriate jokes about his private part and it used to cause him embarrassment.” Another urologist at Pristyn Care shared that “A patient of mine told me that he was actually embarrassed when his partner asked him questions about his circumcised penis”. People fail to realize that circumcision is a medical procedure that any male can be required to undergo a circumcision. (Also Read: Circumcised or Uncircumcised? How does it feel to a woman? )

Not just a medical procedure, circumcision has been a celebrated ritual in religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Jewish. There is a sizable Islamic population in India, who celebrates this ritual after the birth of a baby boy. Their belief regarding circumcision is also in sync with the medical advantages related to it. (Also Read: How To Treat Phimosis in Children? )

Let’s take a look at the benefits of circumcision that does not make it abnormal at all.

  • Circumcision significantly reduces the chances of catching sexually transmitted infections such as HIV AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • A circumcised penis has nil chances of contracting urinary tract infections.


  • It is easier to maintain the hygiene of the circumcised penis. As the foreskin is removed, there are no chances of unhealthy bacteria getting accumulated under the foreskin.circumcision benefits infographic
  • Circumcision cures painful conditions such as phimosis, paraphimosis, and balanitis. All these disorders are related to foreskin which affects the overall health of the penis. Therefore, circumcision is the best treatment to prevent or cure these problems. For a clearer understanding, you must know about the above-mentioned problems. 

Phimosis- The foreskin of the penis becomes too tight and cannot be retracted to expose the tip of the penis.

Paraphimosis- The foreskin of the penis gets pulled and stuck behind the glans penis (head of the penis).

Balanitis- The inflammation of the glans penis due to an STD, UTI or a skin disorder. (Also Read: How to Cure Balanitis Fast? )

  • Circumcision allows men to enjoy their sexual intercourse better with an increase in pleasure or satisfaction. Also, the male partner lasts longer without ejaculating and enjoy the intercourse for a longer time.

Nowadays, the procedure of circumcision is performed with the modern laser-based technique that requires no big cuts, incisions, stitches, and scars. There is no bleeding in laser circumcision.

Do away with the social stigma and prioritize your health

Now that you know the needs and benefits of circumcision, it should change your views about it. Some people keep delaying the treatment even after knowing the medical benefits of circumcision. They weigh the societal outlook towards them more than their own need and wellbeing. But, you must remember that societal outlook will go away or change with time but do not let your health suffer. Let the change begin with you. Do not consider circumcision as a taboo anymore, just because somebody around you thinks so.

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