Say good bye to sagging breasts

Shape, size, and color of the breasts depend upon the genetic factor and hence vary from person to person. A woman’s breasts keep changing with time, and as the aging starts the breasts tend to sag. Sagging breasts make women feel uncomfortable and affect their confidence.

It is important to be aware of the following factors that lead to sagging of breasts:

  • Heavy breasts tend to become saggier with time.
  • Hormonal fluctuation during menopause
  • Weight loss
  • Deficiency of estrogen
  • Persistent smoking affects the strength of the skin
  • Obesity 
  •  Pregnancy
  • Breast Cancer 
  • Strenuous exercises

If you relate to even some of these factors, better start taking steps to maintain healthy breasts. Also, ladies fret not, you are just at the right place for the tips to get rid of sagging breasts. Let’s discuss the simple yet effective tips to say goodbye to the sagging breasts. 

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Best Exercises to keep the breasts firm and healthy


  1. Pushups: 

Pushups are the best exercise to keep the muscles of the upper body strong and firm. Pushup effective work on the pectoral muscles that help in preventing the breasts from sagging. Practicing pushups can appear challenging in the beginning, as pushup is a strength-building exercise. It is absolutely fine, to begin with, 5-10 minutes of pushups. Within a few weeks, you will notice your breasts getting in better shape.

How to do Pushups?

  • Begin with the position for plank while keeping the entire body firm. Keep your hands on the floor, a bit wider than your shoulder broader than your shoulders.
  •  Keep the body weight on your arms and feet. Slowly bend the elbows and gradually move the body towards the floor. Make sure that you keep the elbows closer to the body.
  • Slowly move upwards to the initial pose of the plank. Repeat the process 3-4 times in the beginning
  • Gradually try to increase the number of pushups week by week.

push ups

    2.) Cobra Pose:

It is also known as Bhujangasana. Cobra pose actively works on the entire muscles of the upper body. It builds stronger muscles of the shoulder, chest, and abdomen. This pose also improves the overall body posture and hence, prevents sagging of breasts. In just a few days of practicing cobra pose, you will notice a great change in the shape of your breasts.

How to do Cobra Pose?

  • Lay down on your stomach. Extend your legs straight and place your hands under the shoulder. 
  • Do not spread the elbows away from the body. 
  • Keeping the hands the lower body firm, gradually push your chest above the floor.
  • Keep the pelvis and the buttocks firm while you lift your chest and neck facing front.
  • Keep stretching upwards and draw back the shoulders. Hold this posture for a few seconds.
  • Begin with practicing this posture for 5-10 minutes. Moderately push your limits after a few days of practicing. 

Cobra Pose


  3.) Dumbbell Chest Press

This exercise also does wonders in toning the muscles of the upper body. The dumbbell chest press effectively strengthens the chest, shoulders, and tones the breasts. Hence, the dumbbell chest press is a very effective exercise for healthy breasts.  Not to miss that dumbbell chest press enhances the overall posture of the body and makes you look young and fit. 

How to do Dumbbell Chest Press?

  • Lie down on your back on a bench. Bend the knees to keep the feet properly on the floor.
  • To start the chest press, keep the arms parallel to the floor. Keep the weights parallelly to the upper arms by bending the elbows.
  • Start pushing your arms with dumbbells upwards. Keep the concentration on the chest muscles.
  • After a little pause with extended arms, gradually bring them down to the initial posture.
  • Repeat this cycle for 10-12 times. Gradually push your limit week by week.

Dumbbell chest press


What is the right clothing to prevent sagging breasts?

All of you ladies should be aware of the right clothes that provide enough support to your breasts. 

healthy breasts

Follow these clothing tips that will keep you away from sagging breasts:

  • T-shirt bras are a comfortable option that offers enough seamless support to the breasts. These t-shirts are especially recommended for heavy breasts to keep them in shape and prevent their sagging. Hence, t-shirt bras are among the wardrobe essentials for all the women out there.
  • Do not wear a tight bra or even a tight t-shirt especially while sleeping. Tight bras affect the health of breasts and cause them to sag fast.
  • Wear a plunge bra while going out as it will make your breasts look quite in good shape. It pushes the breasts upwards to get rid of the sagging look. Therefore, next time you go out, put on the right bra to hit the right look.

Oil Massages To Keep Away The Sagging Breasts

The practice of breast massage is an ancient one to revitalize the muscles. Certain oil massages for breast improve the blood circulation and impart healing effects on the breasts. This ancient practice of breast massage greatly reduces the chances of developing diseases related to breasts and enhances the sagging breasts.

Other added benefits of breast massage that you must know are:

  • Oil massages of breasts away the risks of breast cancer and other breast-related illnesses
  •  Breast massage acts as a new cell growth stimulator
  • Gentle massage of the breasts relieves stress and anxiety
  • Prevents the formation of fibroids in the breasts

Some of the most effective oil massages for breasts are as follows:

Almond Oil- This oil is enriched in vitamin E and deeply moisturizes the skin. Almond oil greatly tones up the breast and makes the stretch marks disappear. Gentle massage of almond oil on breasts opens the clogged pores to be free of any dirt trapped. 

almond oil


Sesame oilSesame oil is one of the most widely used oils for breast massage as it has wonderful effects on the body. It is deeply nourishing and enriched with inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties of sesame oil ensure that your breasts are healthy and grow properly.    

Jojoba Oil- Massage with jojoba oil shows wonderful results on the breasts. It is especially recommended for sensitive skin that is more prone to allergies. If you also have sensitive skin, then try jojoba oil for nourishing effects. Also, massaging with jojoba oil will keep the breasts firm and fuller. 

jojoba oil

Castor Oil- Massage your breasts gently with castor oil to experience the medicinal effects of castor oil. It wonderfully helps in relieving if there is any pain or swelling in the breasts. Also, castor oil also prevents the building up of any toxins in the breasts.

Castor oil- breast massage

Evening Primrose Oil- This oil is loaded with anti-aging properties and is highly recommended for breast massage. As an effect on anti-aging properties, it slows down the sagging of breasts and keeps them plump.

Once you start massaging your breasts with any of these oils regularly, you will witness the amazing changes. 

Mindfully begin to incorporate all the above-mentioned tips to enhance your breasts. In just a few days only, you will say goodbye to sagging breasts and feel much confident about your body.


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