What is grade 4 hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids or piles occur when the tube connecting the lower end of the large intestine and the anus, for the passage of bowel movements gets swollen and inflamed. There can be several reasons leading to the condition of hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external hemorrhoids. As suggested by the names itself, the external hemorrhoids are found externally. They can be diagnosed very easily. In case of external hemorrhoids, the veins inside the rectum, anus and towards the anal opening swell up and are found to be inflamed. This causes discomfort, uneasiness, pain, and bleeding.

Internal Hemorrhoids are found deep towards the inside of the rectum. They are not visible to the naked eye, which makes its diagnosis a little difficult. Their common symptoms include severe pain and discharge of blood with the stool.

Grade 4 Hemorrhoid is a type of internal hemorrhoids. It is the last and most severe stage of internal hemorrhoids. For a patient with internal hemorrhoids, if the disease remains untreated, it soon gets to the grade 4 hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Grade 4 Hemorrhoid

Grade 4 hemorrhoid is the most severe case of internal hemorrhoids. The symptoms of the grade 4 hemorrhoids are severe and this disease should be treated immediately, without any delay. Symptoms of this disease are briefed below.

Stages of hemorrhoids
  • Enormously enlarged and swollen veins around the deep, internal parts of the rectum.
  • Rectal bleeding is one of the earliest symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. If not treated soon, internal hemorrhoid soon reaches to the further stages of the disease, which makes it far more severe. The final stage of internal hemorrhoids, the grade 4 hemorrhoids have severe symptoms including unbearable rectal pain and bleeding. Blood can be frequently seen with the stool during bowel movements and also on the toilet paper after the passage of stool.
  • Due to swollen and inflamed veins, the patient feels a lot of pain, discomfort, itching inside the anus and near the anal opening. In severe cases of the disease, the patient may also feel a stingy and burning sensation.
  • In the most advanced stages of internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid can be visibly seen protruding out from the anal opening.

Treatment for Grade 4 Piles

It is very necessary to get hemorrhoids treated as soon as they are diagnosed. If diagnosed in the initial first stage of hemorrhoids, both internal and external hemorrhoids can be cured without surgery. A prescribed medicine, a diet including high fiber and water and some easy exercises can help naturally cure the disease.

Some patients fail to diagnose their condition in the first stage. If left untreated, the first stage of the hemorrhoids soon progress and the patient soon is seen experiencing severe symptoms of the grade 4 hemorrhoid.

The only cure for grade 4 piles is laser surgery. Pristyn Care gives a permanent cure to hemorrhoids by laser surgery treatment.

The modern-day technology of “Laser Treatment’ has made the treatment for Hemorrhoids easy and pain-free!

There are no bad effects of the laser treatment on the skin, body or the internal organs of the patient. The patient experiences no feel during and after the surgery. There are no major cuts or stitches that the patient has to endure. The patient can walk home from the hospital, in a healthy stage after a rest for some hours after the surgery.

Contact the health advisers at Pristyn Care to get an instant cure and permanent relief from Hemorrhoids. 

*Disclaimer: The content is written and reviewed as per the expertise and knowledge of the author and reviewer. For a final call related to ailment, we highly recommend people to Consult with a Specialized Doctor and take necessary decisions as per the Doctor’s suggestions.

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