Know all about Anal Fissure, its Medicine and Treatment

anal fissure its medicine and treatment

A small tear in the mucosa tissues that lines the anus and anal opening is called an Anal Fissure. The “mucosa” tissues are very thin and moist, which makes them easily prone to damage and in case one passes a hard stool. Anal fissure is a common condition that can happen to anyone. Considering it a common condition, people generally avoid the symptoms of anal fissure thinking that it would heal on its own. But, such ignorance can cause further damage.

Anal fissure is most commonly observed in infants. Although, it is diagnosed in adults too. Anal fissure can be cured by taking a fibre-rich diet and increasing the intake of water. It is also seen as a simple home remedy for anal fissure this regulates the bowel moments and stimulates the damaged mucosa tissues for faster healing.

Causes of Anal Fissure in Adults.

  • Passing irregularly hard, large stool during bowel movements.
  • Constipation, irregular or unusual bowel movements especially the ones causing pin or irritation in the anus or anal opening at the time of passing stool or after the bowel movements.
  • Severe case of Chronic Diarrhea
  • Unhealthy anal intercourse.
  • Stretching of anal opening at the time of child birth.
reasons behind anal fissure in adults

Symptoms of Anal Fissure

  • Unbearable pain while passing bowels. In severe cases of this condition, such a pain can last for several hours after the passage of bowels.
  • Discharge of blood with or after the stool.
  • Visible torn out skin around the anal opening.
  • Small ulcer sort of outgrowth can be seen around the anal fissure.
portraying a man having common symptoms of fissure

Medication for Anal Fissure

The best and most effective Anal Fissure Medicine that can help to treat the condition at home are listed below:

  • Allen A69 Anal Fissure Drop
  • Osil Cream
  • Secalia Cream
  • Thank god Cream
  • SbIratanhia Dilution 1000 Ch
portraying a cream required for fissure treatment

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Laser treatment for Anal Fissure- The most effective cure

If normal medication and home-based cures do not improve your condition, it is suggested to waste no more time and see a doctor instantly. Contact our medical advisers at Pristyn Care for pain free and most effective treatment for anal fissure. We assure, your money won’t go waste. We guarantee to provide effective and satisfactory solutions to your conditions.

portraying a close image of a laser fissure treatment

“Laser Day Care Procedure- A Treatment for Anal Fissure”

In case no other medicine or treatments work and provide a cure for Anal Fissure, patients have the option of Laser treatment for Anal Fissure open to them. Laser surgery is proven to be less complicated than Open surgery for anal fissure. The post-surgery symptoms are negligible if we consider Laser treatment, which is the opposite in case of an open surgery. The advancement of medical science has reduced the risks of painful open surgery treatment for anal fissure with the Laser Treatment.

laser a one-day procedure

Why to choose “Laser Treatment” over “Open Surgery”?

  • Laser treatment does not cause much damage to the tissues and skin around the anus and anal opening. Unlike the open surgery, anal fissure leaves behind no cuts, wounds or injured skin post the treatment.
  • There are no restrictions on the diet and daily errands of the patient after the laser treatment. The patient just needs to take rest for 24-36 hours after the laser treatment and then, is released from the hospital in a healthy state and can follow his normal routine and diet after that. On the other hand, the patient has to take strict bed rest for some days after the open surgery and is unable to perform the normal routine tasks as stitches have been put around the skin and tissues around the anus.
  • There is almost no chance of infection to prevail after the laser treatment. Open surgery involves usage of surgical equipment and the skin needs to be stitched for healing. So there are chances of infection around that affected areas.
  • Laser surgery is proven to be 100% successful in providing a permanent cure for anal fissure. But, open surgery is not proved to give such a high success rate.
Portraying what you can expect if you choose laser treatment

The above points clearly indicate that Laser Treatment for Anal Fissure is undoubtedly the best treatment and cure for anal fissures.

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