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The swollen veins around the anus and lower rectum is known as piles or hemorrhoids. Today, due to busy schedules and unhealthy practices, a large mass of people suffer from piles. Primary causes of piles disease are chronic constipation, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy and straining while passing stool. 

People have some misconceptions about piles or hemorrhoids and fail to get proper treatment for piles. Most of the times piles are ignored and left on their own. Natural treatment for piles can be very useful for people with minor symptoms and people who are open to some lifestyle changes.

Hemorrhoid can be cured at home during the early stages. Initially, internal hemorrhoid protrudes or bulges out from the large intestine to the anal canal at the time of bowel movements. Usually, piles do not hurt the patient. But, in some cases, it may be painful. That generally happens in the later and adverse stages of the disease.

How to Prevent piles and Reduce Symptoms of Piles?

  • Eat high-fiber foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It softens the stool and increases its bulk, which will avoid the straining that can cause hemorrhoids. Add fiber to your diet slowly to avoid gas problems.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Drink six to eight glasses of water every day to help keep stools soft.
  • Consider fiber supplements. According to a medical study, over-the-counter fiber supplements, such as psyllium (Metamucil) or methylcellulose (Citrucel), improve overall symptoms and bleeding from piles. While using supplements, make sure you drink enough water to prevent constipation.
  • Don’t strain. Straining and holding your breath when trying to pass a stool creates pressure in the veins in the lower rectum.
  • Do not wait to pass a bowel movement. If you wait, the urge goes away, your stool could dry out and be harder to pass.
  • Exercise. It helps you prevent constipation and reduce pressure on veins, which can occur due to prolonged standing or sitting. Regular exercise can also help you lose excess weight that might be contributing to your hemorrhoid. 

Home Remedies for Piles

There are some home remedies to cure piles without surgery. The remedies can effectively shrink down the painful internal hemorrhoids but it can also prove to be harmful if it goes wrong.

  • Prevent or relieve constipation. 
  • Increase your liquid and fiber intake. 
  • Some fruits good for piles are raspberries, pears, apples, amla and bananas. 
  • Also, include vegetables, such as artichokes, green peas, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.

If your hemorrhoids are not serious, these dietary changes may be your permanent cure for piles.  

Make sure that you consult the doctor before carrying out the home remedies. Below are mentioned some effective home remedies for piles cure in 3 days. 

  • Sitz bath

People with painful hemorrhoids can get relief by sitting in moderately warm water several numbers of times in a day. This procedure is called Sitz Bath

A lot of people do not know why sitz bath is important? It is a hot water bath that cleans the rectal area. The Sitz bath is most effective when taken right after the bowel movements. It provides relief from pain and itching in the rectal region and increases the blood flow.

  • Coconut oil for piles

Coconut oil is an effective home remedy for piles due to its natural healing properties and health benefits. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce inflammation. Coconut oil has analgesic (or pain-relieving) properties that reduce discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

  • Ice pack

Use ice packs for piles that help veins to strengthen and elasticize. It provides great relief from itching, pain and swelling in the rectal area. It is one of the best homemade cures for piles.

  • Castor oil

This would help in decreasing the size of piles and also the pain. Castor oil has many properties such as anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to make it work for you.

  • Avoid tight clothes

Do not wear tight and restrictive clothes that strain your muscles. Opt for loose, cotton clothes and let your body breathe. 

Home remedies work best only if piles is in its mild or initial stages which means you will require a professional medical treatment plan if your condition is in its advanced stages.

Herbal Remedies for piles: Piles treatment without surgery

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is believed to bring instant relief to internal hemorrhoids and reduce itching and pain in and around the anus and anal opening. The quantity of apple cider vinegar to be used needs to be consulted with a doctor before as its excess can be harmful and further increase complications in the disease. This remedy needs to be used very as if used in excess amount, it can cause itching, burn the skin of the effective area.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help to provide relief from inflammation by soothing the skin. Being a natural ingredient proven to soothe the skin, aloe vera is completely safe to be used for piles in the natural form.

  • Tea Tree oil

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in tea tree oil can reduce the swelling and itching in the condition of internal hemorrhoids. This remedy is only helpful for the first stage when the piles have just developed.

  • Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is effective in providing relief from pain, itching, and bleeding during hemorrhoids and also helps in reducing and shrinking the size of hemorrhoids in the first stage. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and the tannins and oils in the witch hazel help reduce inflammation and slow the bleeding while passing stool. It can be used directly over hemorrhoids.

  • Neem

It is very easily available around us. Neem is not only a good homemade remedy for piles but also good for any sort of skin related problems such as acne. It has anti-bacterial properties which can prove to be very relieving.

  • Epsom salt and glycerine

Very few people know about this natural remedy for piles. It helps in relieving pain during piles. Apply it directly at the affected area and you may see noticeable results.(Also Read: Epsom Salt For Piles)  

When to consult a doctor?

You should visit the doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Your stools look dark in color or are filled with blood.
  • You experience excessive bleeding, including rectal.
  • Your symptoms don’t go away even after using OTC creams, medications, and any of the remedies listed above. If your symptoms worsen, last longer, or don’t show any signs of improvement.
  • If fiber supplements seem to have no effect on the condition of your hemorrhoids.

Laser surgery- permanent cure for piles in 3 days 

The most effective and convenient way to get a cure for piles in 3 days is laser surgery treatment. After the second degree of piles, the doctors suggest the patient get the laser treatment done. The laser surgery is a daycare procedure. The patient can go home in a healthy and conscious state within a few hours after the surgery. There is no risk of infection with laser surgery.

The laser treatment is completely pain-free and there are very fewer chances of recurrence of the disease with the laser treatment for piles.

Laser surgery vs. Home Remedies for piles

The laser surgery is convenient and the most effective treatment for piles. The home remedies may work at times but if gone wrong, can be very dangerous to the patient. The patient is suggested to get the laser treatment done and get the permanent cure for piles.

Laser treatment can cure piles in 3 days as it has the following advantages:

  • Less operative time
  • Short hospital stay
  • Back to normal routine in 3-5 days
  • No scars and wounds
  • No or minimum post-operative pain
  • Faster recovery
Laser surgeryHome remedies
Permanently cures piles and its symptomsTakes time to reduce the symptoms of piles
Treats both internal and external pilesHome remedies may not be able to treat severe piles
Negligible chances of recurrenceMay occur again
Within 3-5 days you can get back to a normal routineAs it takes time, people need to take rest for longer


Notably, you must see a doctor if the symptoms of piles do not improve with home remedies mentioned above. Even before going for any homemade treatment for piles, consult a doctor. Sometimes, home remedies for piles are simply a reason to delay surgery. In many cases, piles home remedies are not helpful. For the best piles treatment, go for laser treatment.

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What to do If home remedies provide momentary relief?
You should consider seeing a doctor as your problem can be bigger than you think and ignoring it can worsen the condition.
What food items to avoid during Piles?
Food items that should be avoided are the ones with too much spice, dairy products, non-vegetarian food, white bread, frozen food, fast food and deep-fried food as they'll lead to uncomfortable bowel movements.
What to do if the pain doesn't go away?
If the pain isn't going away using the home remedies then you should consider consulting a proctologist straight away as this could be a sign of piles being worse.
How can I be sure that I require surgery for my Piles Treatment?
If there is rectal bleeding and home remedies or exercises aren't providing you any kind of relief, your stool is filled with blood. All this could be a sign that surgery is necessary for relief.
Is laser surgery safe for piles if required?
Yes, laser surgery is one of the safest option available for treating piles as painless and has faster recovery as compared to other conventional methods. Also, there are negligible post-surgery complication.

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