Piles In Men Versus Piles In Women

Piles or Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus or around the anal opening. Due to unhealthy eating habits and sitting constantly for long hours, piles are common in the majority of the population today. The disease of piles is going on in people for many years now. But the number of cases of patients, including men, women and even children are increasing drastically over the past few years.

Causes of piles in women

There have been many evident cases of women getting piles during and after their pregnancy or childbirth. During pregnancy, the widely protruded belly carrying a child of few weeks puts a lot of extra pressure on the blood vessels around the lower back and pelvic area. Also, at the time of childbirth, there is a lot of straining to push the infant out. This produces extra pressure on the blood vessels around the pelvic and anal area leading to anal diseases, most commonly piles.

Causes of piles in men

Piles in men may be a cause of several reasons. Some men experience piles if they lift heavy weights at the gym. The veins in and around the pelvic and anal area may swell because of constant stress or veins. A lot of men also spend more time on the toilet seat which may also be the reason for piles. 

Types of piles

There are two types of piles. The first one is external piles which can be easily identified. These are found under the thin skin around the anus and anal opening. They can also bulge out and form a small and hard protruding bulge-shaped cluster which can be swollen, itchy, and painful and may bleed too.

The other type of Piles is the internal piles. They are usually around the lower part of large intestines and are not that painful. This type of swelling may bleed too. This blood may come out of the anus with stool. Such piles can cause pain while and after stool. It is suggested to get this treated as soon as possible. Avoid sitting constantly for prolonged hours. Stay physically active and drink a lot of water. Consume a sufficient amount of fiber in the diet. These are some preventive measures of piles. 

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Symptoms of Piles in both males and females

The symptoms of piles are pretty evident. But most people are not aware of the symptoms of piles and fail to identify that they have piles. Piles, if goes undetected for a long time may lead to serious anal diseases including cancer. Below are some symptoms of piles. Make sure you realize you have piles if you feel those symptoms.

  • Pain and irritate in the anus and towards the anal opening. This is because of the swollen veins.
  • Red blood in the stool and experiencing unbearable pain during bowel movements.
  • Swelling due to swollen lymph around the anus. Itchy skin.

Treatment for Piles at Pristyn Care

The treatment for piles is the same in both men and women. Earlier, the patient had to go through an open surgery which was very painful. But now, you can get the pain free laser surgery for piles. Laser treatment for piles is an effective and most advanced treatment. The procedure is completely painless and hassle free. The patient can eat normally and follow his regular schedule after a few hours of the surgery. 

Post-pregnancy piles treatment

Sometimes piles after pregnancy disappear on their own as the hormones get balanced, blood volume improves and pressure reduces. Some women undergo laser surgery for quick relief and faster recovery from piles.

Pristyn Care treats piles for both men and women with minially invasive technique with no cuts and wounds. This procedure takes 30 – 40 minutes under general anesthesia. The risk of bleeding is far lower than other traditional procedures. Even the post- surgery complications are quite rare. Therefore, consult the best proctologist at Pristyn Care to treat piles for both men and women with laser surgery.

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