Treatment Stages to cure Anal Fissure

What is fissure? It is the tear & wear caused by intense pressure on the anal opening from hard stools, diarrhea, childbirth or trauma below the dentate line. It is a painful condition.

Fissures can recur over time. So, it is important to treat the cause of fissures to permanently get rid of the problem. People suffering from constipation and hard stool formation may also fave this issue. is a result of regular indigestion and acidity.

Treatment of fissure is classified into four stages: –

  • First Stage:The initial stage of fissure treatment is associated with relieving the pain and itching in the region. It can be cured with prescription medicines, ointments, and painkillers.                                                            However, it may follow some side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and minor headaches. Fissures ointments like GNT (Glycerine Tri Nitrate) ointment alleviate the burns and itching symptoms.
  • Second Stage:The second stage of treatment focuses on decreasing the pressure on the anal opening. This is done by increasing the fluid intake and intaking stool softeners.                                                                                 Soft bowel movement will automatically decrease the chances of complications and will cure existing fissures over time. The doctor may also suggest avoiding anal sex, as it can lead to pressure on anal walls.
  • Third Stage:This stage focuses on treating the difficulties arising due to digestive problems, such as causes of constipation and hard stools. Acidity is the major factor leading to indigestion. High quantity of acids in the stomach can irritate the stomach lining and intestines.                                                                                                Antacids are recommended to neutralize the effect of acidity.
  • Fourth & the final StageThis stage consists of changing your lifestyle habits. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and incorporating healthy foods with a lot of fibrous food. Avoid junk and spicy foods, as it may trigger irritation and itching. Keep yourself hydrated with a maximum intake of water.                                                                        Last but not least, include some physical exercises to your daily routine.

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  1. Anal fissure can be quite a problem. The treatment should be taken within time and one should not delay the treatment process. I was having a lot of pain so I quickly went to Pristyn Care and got diagnosed.

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