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  1. Missed periods/ absence of menstruation can be a marker of multiple underlying conditions such as: Pregnancy: If your period cycles are usually regular and you have recently missed a period after an unprotected sexual encounter, it can indicate a pregnancy. This is where an immediate diagnosis and timely treatment becomes super important. Indian laws permit abortion only until 20 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy during this time can be terminated by both- medical and surgical methods. Both, when done under strict medical supervision and trained doctors, areRead more

  1. Regular periods are not only a mark of good reproductive health but also balanced hormones. This is why it is essential your periods are in sync and on time. A healthy menstrual cycle spans between a minimum gap of 21-35 days. It runs for around 3-5 days and is marked with mild-moderate abdominal pain. However, any cycle before or after this gap is considered irregular and may indicate underlying conditions such as: Unwanted pregnancy Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome Thyroid related health conditions Endometriosis Pelvic inflammatory disease Irregular periodRead more

  1. A successful pregnancy is a result of multiple factors and even one factor that went wrong can result in miscarriage. or as more commonly known as ‘missed abortion’. Statistics suggest that almost 50-25% of all pregnancies result in miscarriages even before the woman recognizes that she was pregnant. This risk is also disturbingly common in the first trimester. March of dimes report that almost 80% of miscarriages happen in the first 0-8 weeks of pregnancy, while the risk slows down to less than 5 % as a woman enters her 9th or 10th week. The same limitsRead more

  1. What food you eat and what you avoid is extremely important during pregnancy. It is a period of constant caution and your health invariably affects the health of your child. This is why doctors recommend against eating any food that carries the potential to induce uterine contractions, cause infections, poisoning, or cause hemorrhage. Some of the common foods that are infamous for causing miscarriages are: 1.Papaya: Papaya, especially unripe or green papaya has laxative components. This is why, when eaten during pregnancy it can cause premature labor andRead more

  1. A miscarriage, in the simplest terms, is when a pregnant woman undergoes a sudden loss of the fetus. It's quite common in early pregnancy and its four most common symptoms include: Cramping and contracting Fluid/ tissue discharge from the vagina Pain in the lower abdomen Dizziness and slight nausea While blood loss after miscarriage is common in most women, it is not necessary. Sometimes the embryo has died already but shows no signs or symptoms such as bleeding/ pain. This is medically known as ‘missed pregnancy’. While miscarriage itself means the failRead more

  1. Many cultures, including our Indian culture, orthodox families often associate virginity with the rupture of the hymen. Bleeding after intercourse is considered as evidence that the hymen is intact which in other words means that women are pure, and have never indulged in sexual intercourse before. But in reality, the condition of the hymen does not always have a correlation with sexual activity. Studies to date have not proven that changes in shape, size, or rupture of the hymen tissue, are associated with sexual intercourse between females and male parRead more

  1. A rhinoplasty can correct the shape of the nose and improve the facial balance to enhance the overall appearance. The surgery can also fix a crooked nose. A cosmetic nose job procedure such as rhinoplasty requires utmost precision skills and training. So, choose the best ENT doctors for your rhinoplasty surgery.

  1. The cost of rhinoplasty varies and will depend on certain key factors like the city and hospital where the procedure is performed, the general fee of the surgeon or surgeons, cost of anesthesia, etc. if you want to know an approximate cost of rhinoplasty surgery for you, give us a call and our medical coordinator shall assist you.