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  1. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:-   Delayed ejaculation Premature ejaculation Lack of interest in sex Trouble in getting an erection Unable to achieve orgasm after ample stimulation Problems in maintaining an erection during sexual activities   Consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms, especially if these are happening for the last three months. Thes symptoms can help in determining whether they are caused by any underlying conditions that require particular medical treatment. 

  1. In open surgery; yes, it's quite painful and after the surgery, it takes around three months to heal completely. You can resume your daily work two to four weeks after the surgery. Also, you may experience pain and tenderness during the recovery process. However, during laser surgery, you feel less or almost no pain. You can even start walking on the same day after the laser treatment. The doctors advise you to take bed rest for at least two days post laser surgery. You will be fine completely 7 days after the surgery.

  1. The exact cause of pilonidal sinus is not known. However, doctors believe that a number of factors can contribute to the development of pilonidal sinus.    These factors include:   Hair follicles can get pushed into the skin. Due to this, an immune response is launched and a cyst forms around the hair. Changes in hormones or hormonal abnormalities can cause the hair to grow inwards towards the skin pits rather than outwards, thereby increasing their chances of entering the skin pits. Friction and tight-fitted clothes can push the hair in the arRead more

  1. Pilonidal sinus is a very painful and discomforting condition where an abnormal channel forms under the skin, just near the buttocks. It feels like there is no end to this misery of pesky pilonidal sinus. But here is a sigh of relief for you. Here are all the possible treatments to cure pilonidal sinus: Treatment through antibiotics- Pilonidal sinus in the initial phases can be cured through some antibiotics. These antibiotics work against microbes in the region and fight off infections in the pilonidal sinus.  However, these do not heal the sinus tractRead more

  1. Pilonidal sinus is a common condition in both the genders. Young men, especially those who require to sit for long continuous hours are more prone to developing pilonidal sinus. There are quite a few things you can do to prevent the pilonidal sinus from forming: Maintain proper hygiene of the buttocks area. Keep the area clean and dry.  Avoid sitting continuously for prolonged intervals of time. Keep taking breaks and stay active.  Avoid wearing excessively tight clothes and refrain from indulging in friction creating activities.  Do not indulge in activRead more

  1. It is possible to cure the mild cases of pilonidal sinus without surgery. There are various remedies and medications that can provide relief from pilonidal sinus. In the initial stages of pilonidal sinus, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for preventing and treating infections in the sinus tract. Along with antibiotics, you may also be given some painkillers. If you are unsure about the side-effects of allopathic medicines, you can also try the Ayurvedic Kshar Sutra treatment for getting relief from pilonidal sinus. However, you should remember thatRead more