Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Treatment: Functioning & Success rates

The IUI treatment is one of the important techniques that doctors used to improve the fertilization among couples who are infertile. In this process, the doctors place a sperm inside the uterus of the women to facilitate fertilization. It is also regarded as one of the important techniques that can be classified under Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).

What Is IUI Treatment?

The treatment is all about to place the sperm inside the uterus of women and it facilitates the process of fertilization. The major concern of this treatment is to improve the sperm count that reaches the Fallopian tubes which increases the chances of fertilization. This treatment gives a better impression at the initial level, but it is required to force the sperm of the male to reach the egg that fertilized on its own.

When is IUI Used?

There are many reasons to take the call for this particular IUI treatment which includes the problem related to quality and quantity in the movement and transportation of the sperms. Other than these common problems, this technique is also being used because of following reasons as well:

  • Unexplained fertility: There are times when the doctor or anyone is unable to find the root cause for the infertility problems, and then this process is being used to improve the fertilization.
  • There are times when the condition of the cervical may be hostile and it comprises of formation of mucus on the cervical and it creates problems in women.
  • The presence of scars on the cervical tissue may act as a barrier for the sperms and block them from entering the uterus by collapsing the efficiency of the sperms. It usually happens from various other procedures.
  • When the problem is with ejaculation among the males then this treatment is preferred because the main cause of ejaculation is mainly found to be the blockages in the tract which sends the sperms from the testes to the penis layer by lack of ejaculation by nature.

Function Of IUI

Before the treatment begins, the doctor uses medicines which will stimulate the process of ovulation and it is being used for careful monitoring to check whether the ovary eggs are older enough to be used for the Intrauterine insemination treatment or not.

The next step of IUI is during the time when the eggs are good enough for the ovulation process and it occurs after one day from the indication of the ovulation process. The semen of the specimen is cleaned by using the special fluid to remove the sperms from the origin of the sperm fluids. By using the catheter, the collected sperms may then be directly placed into the egg in the uterus of the women.

In this process, the possibilities to maximize the count in the sperms that are placed in the uterus increases the possibility of pregnancy. The procedure involved in IUI treatment is also to increase the possible occurrence of pregnancy in women.

Risks in IUI Treatment:

This treatment does not involve many risks, however, there may be some small rates of infection at the completion of the pregnancy, which increases by having the fertility medication that the lady has consumed during the treatment.

Restriction of Intrauterine insemination Treatments:

The IUI treatment is done only among a certain group of people that falls under the category in which all requirements are matching. And there are some patients with different scenarios who may not be allowed to undergo this treatment, such as follows:

  • Females who are affected by the infections in the pelvic region
  • People suffering from syndrome endometriosis are not allowed to undergo IUI treatment
  • Females unknowingly may have developed severe impact of diseases in the Fallopian tubes and cannot undergo this treatment.

Success Rate of IUI:

Depending on the key factors including the age of the female, reason causing infertility and usage of drugs level are some of the things on the basis of which the doctors are estimating the success rate i.e. around 20 % for each cycle. Each of these above-mentioned factors plays a vital role in the success rate of IUI treatment.

People who are looking for IUI Treatment in Gurgaon must go through each and every aspect of the treatment to find how it is effective for them. There are renowned hospitals are located in Gurgaon and people who are looking for such treatment can visit the nearby hospital to find the best IUI treatment at cost-effective prices. So, get a prior appointment to consult the doctor first.

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