Vaginal Dryness Cure

Vaginal Dryness is a common problem among women. This condition is normally experienced by women during menopause or when they are expecting their menopause. Oestrogen, the female sex hormone lubricates the vagina. Decrease in levels of this hormone can lead to vaginal dryness. A female of any age can have the problem of dry vagina.

This condition is not normal if you have excessively dry vagina all the time. It is suggested to see a gynecologist in case this situation is bothering you. Medication can cure the vaginal dryness in the initial stages. Delaying to see the professional in such a situation can worsen the condition and lead to more complex situations.

Common Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness

  • Lack of foreplay before sexual intercourse
  • If the female underwent Hysterectomy
  • If the female is breastfeeding. The oestrogen levels fall in such a condition
  • Consuming antidepressants or any other strong antibiotics
  • Using artificially scented or perfumed products around the vaginal region
  • Using harsh soaps or washes for the vaginal reason
  • Douching
  • If the female is undergoing chemotherapy
  • Inflammation of salivary or tear glands
  • Allergies

What Causes Vaginal Dryness in Females?

A healthy vagina remains hydrated and lubricated by the natural hormones secreted by the body. Hormone called estrogen helps to keep the walls of the vagina lubricated. This is essential to keep the vagina and the inner lining of the vagina lubricated, thick and elastic. The vagina tends to lose its natural elasticity and stiffness when the levels of estrogen hormone reduces. This also leads to decrease in moisture inside the vagina, causing vaginal dryness.

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Treatment of Vaginal Dryness

Vagina is a very gentle organ of a female. Most women pay less attention to female hygiene. In case you are facing any irritation, itching, pain or any other discomfort in or around the vaginal area, it is suggested to consult a gynecologist to the soonest. Trying home remedies may lead to harmful complicated conditions if they go wrong.

The early stages of the disease can be cured with medications provided by the gynecologist. It is suggested to keep the area dry and healthy. Avoid spicy food as it may increase the irritation in the vagina.

treatment of vaginal dryness

The permanent cure for vaginal dryness is laser treatment. The laser treatment is completely safe. No harm is caused to the female’s reproductive system or organs, skin or any other part of the body. The treatment improves the texture and firmness of the vagina. The treatment is completed in approximately 4 sessions. It just takes 20 minutes for each session and the female and get back to her normal life immediately after the session.

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