Ways for Indian girls to restore virginity before marriage

Virginity is considered an integral aspect of the Indian culture which determines a female’s chastity. The hymen, which covers the vaginal entrance generally breaks when the female has sexual intercourse. For the first time. As the hymen breaks or tears, the female generally has mild pain and bleeding. A female is considered to be a “virgin” when the hymen is intact, which means she loses her virginity when her hymen breaks during the first intercourse, involving penetration of the penis into her vagina. With the surgical procedure of hymenoplasty, the female can get her hymen reconstructed and restore her virginity. 

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Does bleeding tell if a female is a Virgin?

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There is this misconception that if a female bleed during the first intercourse, she is then a virgin. Well, it is not true for all females. Many females do not bleed during their first sexual intercourse. Moreover, it is a false belief that females with intact hymens are virgins and females who do not bleed during their first intercourse are not virgins. 

There are other reasons why a female’s hymen can break apart from sexual intercourse-

  • If a female mistakenly uses a menstrual cup roughly.
  • Inserting multiple fingers inside the vagina.
  • Extreme stretching or strenuous activities like horse riding, gymnastics or splits. 

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Hymen Reconstruction Surgery?  

Hymenoplasty surgery

This is the medical procedure of stitching or reconstructing the broken hymen. Virginity being a taboo in India, many females choose to go for hymenoplasty surgery to regain their virginity. The surgery involves mild post-surgery swelling and mild pain which lasts for a couple of days and resolves on its own. 

Hymenoplasty Procedure

Re-constructing the broken hymen can be a successful surgical approach to restore a female’s hymen. Many females undergo this procedure to “regain their virginity”. The hymenoplasty procedure has minimum to no side effects and is carried out to surgically reconstruct the broken hymen. 


Who can undergo Hymen Reconstruction surgery?

It needs to be noted that sex is not the only a female’s hymen may break. Strenuous stretching exercises like splits, gymnastics, swimming horse riding or even cycling can potentially stretch the hymen and may result in tearing or breaking of the hymen. Below is mentioned when a female is eligible to undergo this procedure-

  • If the female is above 18 years of age. 
  • If the female is not suffering from any life-threatening chronic medical condition or illness.

Can Hymenoplasty Surgery Regain Virginity?

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Hymenoplasty surgery reconstructs the female’s hymen surgically by stitching back the remnants of the torn hymen.  Hymenoplasty guarantees that the female bleeds on her next intercourse. The surgery is done with the use of dissolvable sutures that self-dissolve and heal completely in 15-21 days post the surgery. After the sutures heal, there is no scar or mark left behind that may hint a surgery. 


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