In an endeavor to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all, Pristyn Care is offering free doctor consultations for the month of October, across India. Most people living in India, especially the rural areas, are devoid of quality healthcare which often costs heavily in the pocket. 

Several medical studies indicate that cost disparity is a common reason why most people delay their consultation. To remove this barrier and make quality healthcare accessible for people of all grounds in more than 30 cities, Pristyn Care is offering free consultations for more than 50 diseases.

Consult with the best doctors in person and online for a consultation

Pristyn Care endeavors to deliver supreme healthcare at affordable rates to all patients. Our highly experienced and reputed doctors are in a constant endeavor to provide advanced medical treatment leveraging the best of their healthcare expertise. To offer everyone a seamless and non-disruptive healthcare experience, Pristyn Care is making free doctor consultations available for every patient who wants to consult with expert surgeons online. With our mode of online consultation, patients can now consult a doctor based on their specialization, expert areas, and years of experience.

Doctor SpecializationOther Healthcare Provider Consultation CostPristyn Care Consultation CostBook Free Doctor Appointment Here
ProctologistsRs. 500-800Rs. 07358716489
Laparoscopic DoctorRs. 500-700Rs. 09319450721
General SurgeonsRs. 500-1000Rs. 08527488190
GynecologistsRs. 1000-1200Rs. 09206056159
UrologistsRs. 800-1000Rs. 08527313171
ENT SpecialistsRs. 700-900Rs. 08530164291
Vascular SpecialistsRs. 600-900Rs. 08530165285
Cosmetic SurgeonsRs. 1000-1200Rs. 08530164267
Orthopedic DoctorRs. 1000-1500Rs. 09311583423
Eye SpecialistsRs. 700-1000Rs. 09311583422
Infertility DoctorsRs. 1500-1700Rs. 08530164351