Will home remedies help in treating hole in eardrum?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big no-no. No matter what are the causes of perforation in the eardrum, – infection or injury- home remedies cannot close up the tear. Moreover, home remedies can only help in getting relief from some of the symptoms that develop due to perforated eardrum. It is imperative that the patient visits a qualified practitioner to get the most appropriate treatment option. 

If not home remedies, then how to treat ruptured eardrum?

Trying any treatment option at home won’t provide any results. When there is a tear in the tympanic membrane, visit the doctor’s clinic immediately where he/she will recommend any of the following treatment options- 


ENT doctors recommend patching the eardrum when it doesn’t heal with home remedies. In patching, the doctor places a medicated paper patch over the hole in the eardrum. This patch ensures that the membranes grow together. 


An individual can get relief from the pain associated with a perforated eardrum by taking painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Make sure that children who are below 16 years of age should not take aspirin. However, if someone previously has suffered from peptic ulcer should be careful as it can cause some side effects. 


Antibiotics work when there is a hole in the eardrum due to repeated ear infections. Moreover, taking antibiotics also reduce the risk of infections developing again. Hence, after proper diagnosis the doctor can prescribe oral antibiotics or medicated eardrops


Tympanoplasty is the most effective treatment option for treating a perforated eardrum. Mainly in this procedure, the ENT practitioner takes tissue from another part of the body and puts it on the hole of the eardrum. This is more like patchwork.

What are the symptoms that can occur due to a hole in the eardrum?

The most evident symptom that occurs due to the rupture of the eardrum is an earache. The pain may range from mild to severe. For some the pain can be a steady while for others, it can come and go in waves. Other symptoms include:

What home remedies can help in getting relief from symptoms due to rupture eardrum?

As mentioned earlier, natural remedies tried at home can only soothe and ease out some of the symptoms of a ruptured eardrum. 

  • Apply warm compress

To get relief, apply a warm and cold compress alternatively. 

  • Blow-dry the ear

 This reduces the risk of infection in the ear exponentially. Simply blow-drying the air with a hair dryer dries the ear canal immediately.

  • Inhaling steam

Steam helps in clearing up congestion. This remedy is very effective.

  • Not blowing the nose

When you blow the nose, it creates pressure inside the ears. In addition to blowing, holding the breath or blocking the nose also results in an in-ear pressure build-up. This can reduce the healing of the eardrum.

  • Avoid taking over-the-counter eardrops 

Without consulting with the ENT doctor, don’t put anything inside the ear. Or else, the eardrops can pass through the hole and move towards the brain. 

  • Gargling with saltwater

This remedy can prevent the spreading of germs to the throat. Hence, gargling with salt water can help in curing throat infection. 

How to prevent eardrum rupture in the future?

Here are some preventive measures that can lower the chances of eardrum rupture in the future-

  • Prevent further ear infections by keeping the ears dry.
  • When you go for a bathe, gently put some cotton balls inside the ear to prevent water from entering the ear canal.
  • Do not swim until the ear completely heals.
  • When there is an ear infection, get treated right away.
  • If you have a cold or an episode of sinusitis, do not fly in airplanes. 
  • To avoid pressure change, use earplugs or chew gums or force a yawn. 
  • Don’t put foreign objects inside the ear.
  • When you are around loud machines or at concerts, wear earplugs. 

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