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Are you looking for the best remedy for the removal of kidney stones? Then this article might be for you.

Kidney stones are the solid concentrations of the minerals which are dissolved in urine. These are commonly formed inside the kidneys. A kidney stone is a common disease which is associated with urinary tract and it occurs more in men rather than women. Homeopathy is the natural way for the treatment of kidney stones and it cures the problem.

Homeopathic medicines for the kidney stone are dual action remedies which are safe and natural. Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone first will help to remove the stones which are there in urinary tract either by crushing them to fine sand-like particles or in some cases they are in the intact state.

Secondly, they can completely remove the tendency towards the stone formation in the near future. While choosing the appropriate homeopathic medication, the side effects should be considered along with the pain. The colour of the sand particles in the urine helps to refine the search.

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Although kidney stones can be safely handled with proper selection of homeopathic medicines. If the size of the kidney stone is large, then surgery is the best option.

List of Homeopathic Medicines for Treatment of Kidney Stones

Argentum nit:

Argentum nit Homeopathy Treatment

This medicine is used when a patient suffers nephralgia due to kidney congestion. You may face dull aching at the back of your bladder and the urine is also dark, which contains blood and the formation of uric acid. The urine passes little, like usually in drops.

The face of the patient becomes dry and dark. The person will feel the burn when the urine will pass and urethra will feel like it’s swollen.


Belladonna Homeopathy Treatment

This homeopathic medicine is used when you are suffering from kidney stones and feel sharp and shooting pains. You will also get sudden cramps and strains along the ureter while the passing of urine is common. The patient can also feel excited and feverish.

Benzoic acid:

Benzoic acid Homeopathy Treatment

The homeopathic medicine is used in the case when the patient is suffering from nephritic colic with the offensive urine. The urine is deep red in color and it has a strong odor. It may smell putrid, the urine is thick and clear like water in an alternative way.

Berberis Vulgaris:

Berberis Vulgaris Homeopathy Treatment

It’s one of the prominent homeopathic medicines for the kidney stone treatment, mainly for the left side of the kidney. The homeopathic remedy helps the patients who are experiencing the complaining sensation of urine which still remains after urination. This medicine also helps in treating the bubbling sensation in the kidneys effectively.

Lycopodium clavatum:

Lycopodium clavatum Homeopathy Treatment

Here is another homeopathic medicine for the kidney stone which is affecting the right side which is lycopodium clavatum. The medicine which comprises of lycopodium clavatum helps to treat the individual who is suffering from pain in the right kidney.

Hydrangea arborescens:

Hydrangea arborescens Homeopathy Treatment

If you are suffering from kidney stones in ureter, then Hydrangea arborescens is an ideal homeopathic medicine for treatment. This medicine acts as a stone breaker and treats the condition without any problem. Yellow sand or the white deposits which are detected in the urine indicate the need for this medicine in kidney stone treatment.

Homeopathy is strongly suggested for kidney stones which are not large to pass through the ureteric and urethral passages. If you are suffering from kidney stones then you can reply on homeopathic medicines.

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  1. Homeopathic did not work for my Kidney Stones. I tried everything from home remedy, ayurvedic medicine but did not get relief. Finally had to go for surgery. But depends on case to case …

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