With circumcision comes apprehension. Although it is a proven fact that the pros of circumcision outweigh its cons by a great margin, people still have varied opinions about the procedure. 

These differences in opinion have led to a never-ending debate. One of the most common questions people debate about is if circumcision is good or bad.

Male circumcision is an operative procedure to remove the covering of the tip of the penis. This covering of skin is called the foreskin. This of course makes one imagine it to be a painful procedure with lots of discomforts. But those days are gone. Today the scenario regarding male circumcision has changed and we will further tell you how. 

The good aspects of circumcision

Well, to clear the air about male circumcision, we want to bring to your knowledge that male circumcision is not just a religious practice, but a medical procedure too. Many medical organizations and doctors agree that circumcision has numerous medical benefits and can even act as a treatment procedure for certain conditions.

Getting circumcised can make your life much easier. It can prevent as well as cure a number of penile problems and save you from a lot of pain and complications.

 Let’s get an insight into the benefits of circumcision.

  • Easier to maintain cleanliness- It is quite obvious that maintaining the hygiene of a circumcised penis is way too simpler than an uncircumcised penis. No extra efforts needed, just wash your penis every day and that would suffice. Very easy!

  • Prevents and cures foreskin-related issues- We can’t tell you enough about the importance of this point! Circumcision is the prevention and treatment procedure of many foreskin-related problems like tight foreskin, paraphimosis (stuck foreskin). Circumcision even helps in getting rid of inflammatory conditions of the penis such as balanitis, and balanoposthitis.
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  • Reduces the risk of urinary tract infectionsWhen the foreskin of the penis is tight or inflamed, there are high chances of catching a UTI. Whereas in the circumcised condition, it is simpler to wash away any harmful microbes and smegma building upon the penis. 
  • Saves you and your partner from sexually transmitted infectionsRecent studies have shown that circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections like syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. significantly. Not only does it save you from STIs, but it also reduces the risk of cervical cancer and HPV in your partner too.
  • Penile cancer keeps away- Infant male circumcision reduces the risk of penile cancer to a great extent. According to researches, if a male child is circumcised as an infant, the risk of penile cancer reduces by about 90 percent.

You must have understood here that circumcision is not bad. All these positive aspects of the procedure are clear enough to point out its need in today’s day and age.

Yes, the stories of painful experiences after open circumcision have been common. And similar is the case of the postoperative complications. This is why many men take a step back being hesitant about circumcision. Many people might consider open surgery for circumcision as ‘bad’. That is why it becomes our priority to tell you that there is no such complications and pain associated with the modern-laser circumcision 

 Laser circumcision is no less than good news for you. You might not have heard of it before. Getting to know about laser circumcision here will shatter your fear of pain and complications that you may have heard so far.

Benefits of modern circumcision (laser procedure)

The benefits of modern circumcision will allow you to understand the simplicity and efficacy of the procedure. So, in case you have to undergo circumcision, you will be able to figure out the best choice for you.

Laser circumcision is a state of the art procedure which is known for its minimally invasive yet very effective nature. The entire procedure takes only 10-15 minutes and is absolutely pain-free. Laser circumcision does not carry out any big incisions and does not leave behind any wounds or scars. There is minimal bleeding and the risk of complications during or after the surgery is nil.

Unlike open surgery, there is no swelling or pain in the penile region after laser circumcision. You just need to take a few precautions and there won’t be any major discomforts.

The best part about laser circumcision is that it ensures fast and smooth recovery. No long downtime after the procedure, you can get back to your normal routine in 2-3 days and live a happy and healthy life.

When do you need to undergo circumcision?

Although it is a personal decision whether or not to undergo circumcision, there are certain conditions in which circumcision becomes an absolute necessity. 

For instance, in cases of prolonged and severe phimosis or paraphimosis, it is very much possible that all other treatment options fail to work and the only option left is to get circumcised. In such cases, you should not ignore or delay the procedure. Delaying treatment in this condition can give rise to serious complications and further add to your misery. (Also read: Why should phimosis be cured?)

Any severe or prolonged inflammatory condition of the foreskin and the glans also requires circumcision. It is certainly the permanent solution for those going through these miseries every day.

Therefore, if your doctor suggests circumcision for your condition, do not take it casually.

The ‘good’ or ‘bad’ conclusion

Hopefully, we have bust some myths around circumcision in your mind. It is clear by now that circumcision is a good procedure for medical necessity. All that you have read here about circumcision is absolutely credible. You can even get reassurance on this from a specialist. 

On the last note, we just want you to take that step for your health if you identify yourself with any of the earlier mentioned penile problems. So, please reach out to a specialist doctor to get rid of any penile problems. Stay aware, stay confident, and stay healthy. Nothing comes before your health.

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