Laser Circumcision- Procedure and Advantages

With the advancement in medical science, circumcision can now be done by laser procedure. Furthermore, Laser Circumcision is different from the traditional method of circumcision, which uses medical scissors or a scalpel. 

The surgical removal of the foreskin, the skin which covers the tip of the penis is called circumcision. The procedure is a fairly common religious practice for newborn boys in various parts of the world. 

The procedure of laser circumcision is a minimally invasive procedure with no bleeding, which makes healing faster and easier. It is a 20-minute procedure and is performed under local, general or spinal anesthesia. 

After reaching the hospital, the patient is immediately taken for pre-surgery medical tests and given anesthesia. In case the patient is given local anesthesia, he may be discharged the same day after the procedure. In such cases, the doctor advises the patient to stay in the hospital for 3-5 hours after the procedure. After that, the patient can go home easily. 

In laser circumcision, the laser cuts through the foreskin. Because of this, the patient has no bleeding or pain during the procedure. 

Advantages of laser circumcision

Circumcision is also possible in adult males with the minimally invasive and pain-free laser procedure. Below are mentioned the advantages of laser circumcision. 

advantages of laser circumcision

  • 10 min procedure
  • Painless procedure
  • No blood loss 
  • A zero wound or scar after the procedure
  • Negligible risk of infection
  • No daily-dressing needed 
  • Doesn’t effect on the man’s fertility 
  • Permanent solution for all foreskin issues
  • No pain during sexual intercourse 
  • 100% success rate 
  • The permanent solution, no recurrence after the laser procedure 
  • Fit to resume his normal lifestyle after the next day. 

In addition to this, Circumcision is recommended as a medical need in the following health conditions:

Tight foreskin problems

Phimosis- The condition in which the male is unable to pull back the foreskin. It can cause painful intercourse, infections or painful urination ( dysuria). 

Paraphimosis- The condition in which the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis, which can restrict the blood flow to the end of the penis. This condition is a medical emergency, which requires immediate medical attention.  (Also Read: Paraphimosis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)

Balanitis– The condition in which the head of the penis gets inflamed or swollen, due, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), skin irritation, thrush or another skin condition. This condition cannot happen in circumcised men. The surgical procedure of laser circumcision not only treats but also prevents the recurrence of this condition. (Also Read: How to Cure Balanitis Fast? )

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