Pilonidal sinus laser treatment cost in India

Several hospitals are offering pilonidal sinus laser treatment at various costs in India. However, on average, you can get the best pilonidal sinus surgery in India, starting from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 55,000. But, this is not the accurate price range and is subject to change depending on many factors. In this blog, you get to know the cost of pilonidal sinus laser treatment in different cities of India and the factors that affect the cost of it. 

What is Pilonidal sinus:

Pilonidal sinus

The short form of pilonidal sinus is PNS. It is a condition where a hole or tunnel is formed in the skin, which may be filled with pus, debris, hair, dirt, and blood. Untreated pilonidal sinus can cause cysts or abscess. So, once you start noticing symptoms like pain, swelling, and discharge of yellowish pus from the tailbone area, consult the nearest best proctologists.

In mild cases, the pilonidal sinus can heal on its own with hygienic and good care of the anal region. But in severe and chronic conditions, surgical intervention is required. If you are suffering from pilonidal sinus, which is affecting your daily lifestyle, you can visit Pristyn Care at your nearest location and can undergo the safest pilonidal sinus laser surgery at an affordable cost.

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Cost of pilonidal sinus laser treatment in India:

Laser surgery for pilonidal sinus is the latest and advanced procedure where the laser beam is used to remove the debris or hair and leave negligible recurrence chances. It is one of the most effective and safest methods for treating pilonidal sinus. Here is a list of pilonidal sinus laser treatment costs in India’s major cities.

CityThe average cost of pilonidal sinus laser treatment
Bangalore60, 000
Pune 55,000
  • The minimum cost of pilonidal sinus laser treatment in India starts from Rs.20,000
  • The average amount to be paid for pilonidal sinus laser treatment in India can be Rs.45,000
  • The maximum price of pilonidal sinus laser treatment in India can go up to Rs.80,000

To get an estimated cost or quotation for pilonidal sinus laser surgery in a specific city of India, you can contact Pristyn Care medical coordinator. We also provide the most advanced and safest laser surgery for pilonidal sinus in the above-mentioned cities.

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Factors that affect pilonidal sinus laser treatment:

As said earlier, the cost od pilonidal sinus laser treatment varies from one location to another and from one person to another. This is due to factors like:

  • Transportation charges to and fro the hospital on the day of surgery
  • Type of the hospital from where you wish to undergo the surgery
  • The consultation fee of the proctologist
  • Amount to be paid for diagnostic or laboratory tests
  • Price of medications and follow-up sessions [pre and post surgical]
  • Number of days to be stayed in the hospital [hospitalization]

If you have an insurance policy, Pristyn Care can help you seek from the Third Party Administrator [TPA] desk at the hospital to determine whether your policy covers the surgery or not.

Choose Pristyn Care for your pilonidal sinus laser treatment:

You can choose Pristyn Care as your healthcare provider to get treated for pilonidal sinus because of the below-mentioned reasons.

Why Pristyn Care

  • Pristyn Care houses expert proctologists with several years of experience.
  • Pristyn Care proctologists have performed several laser surgeries for pilonidal sinus with a success rate of above 95%.
  • Pristyn Care associated hospitals are highly equipped with the latest and advanced medical tools, diagnostic devices, and surgical instruments.
  • Pristyn Care allots a ‘Care buddy’ to every patient who takes care of the entire surgical journey at Pristyn Care.
  • At Pristyn Care, you can claim 100% insurance for your pilonidal sinus laser surgery.
  • Pristyn Care offers multiple payment options like no-cost EMI to reduce financial burdensome.
  • Pristyn Care provides the cab facility to you on the day of the surgery for easy transportation to and fro the hospital.
  • At Pristyn Care, you can get a free follow up session after the pilonidal sinus laser surgery.

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The bottom line:

Multiple factors can determine the cost of pilonidal sinus laser treatment in India, and so it varies from city to city and from hospital to hospital. On average, pilonidal sinus laser treatment in the best hospital range between Rs.20,000 to Rs.80,000. If you wish to undergo the best laser treatment for your pilonidal sinus at an affordable cost, you can visit Pristyn Care, or you can book an appointment with the experienced and best proctologists.

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