Circumcision is one such topic about which people hold various strong opinions. No matter if they are aware of all the medical benefits or significance of circumcision or not, it has always been a word of debate among people. 

On that note, here we want to clear the air about the negative impacts of circumcision on health and state that it is a common medical procedure that offers health benefits. Circumcision can cure and prevent numerous penile problems, mostly related to the foreskin.

man suffering from balanitis

In simple words, circumcision is the precise medical procedure to remove the foreskin without any damage to other penile tissues. It is one of the earliest operative procedures carried out by males. With the course of time and advancements in medical technology, different types of circumcision procedures have evolved. The aim is to make the process of circumcision simpler and effective and far away from any complications and pain. (Also read: How the procedure of circumcision over time?)

Let’s now look at the types of circumcision that will give you clarity as to how the modern procedures are desirable over the traditional circumcision.

Types of circumcision procedures

Circumcision ProcedureOpen circumcisionZSR CircumcisionLaser circumcision
ComplexityHigh level of complexities.
Involvement of wounds and scars.
Not at all complex.
No wounds or scarring.
Minimally invasive (not complex)
Uses only laser energy.
No wounds, bleeding or scarring
Recovery periodTakes 3-4 weeks to recover
The period can prolong if any infection occurs.
Full recovery within a weekComplete recovery in just 3-5 days
ComplicationsHigh chances of complications after the surgery if the patient does not take precautions.Nil


    Let’s further find out in detail about these circumcision procedures one by one.
  • Open surgery

Open surgery is a conventional procedure for circumcision. In technical terms, open surgery is sometimes also referred to as the Dorsal Slit Technique. 

open circumcision

In this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions along the upper length of the foreskin and then removes it, thereby exposing the glans penis. Major incisions are always accompanied by a lot of pain and bleeding. Open Surgery is quite a complicated procedure. Even a minor mistake during the surgical procedure can result in serious problems. 

Open surgery is linked to a number of postoperative complications as well. It is often seen that the patients experience a lot of pain and swelling in the penile region after surgery. Also, since the procedure involves numerous incisions, cuts, and sutures, there is always a high risk of infections. Blood may also collect under the skin, resulting in a hematoma. 

Moreover, the downtime of open surgery is also very long. It takes about 4-5 weeks to recover completely and during this period, you cannot carry on with your routine life. This may lead to a lot of inconvenience in your personal as well as professional life. And this recovery period is for a healthy recovery without any infections. If any infections occur, the recovery period may prolong even more. 

  • ZSR Circumcision

This type of circumcision is also variably known as a stapler circumcision. It is a safe procedure of circumcision that has high efficacy and makes the use of a circular stapler for circumcision. ZSR is an advanced type of circumcision procedure in comparison to open surgery.

It takes less operative time, inflicts considerably very less pain, and the blood loss is also bare minimum. The procedure of ZSR circumcision takes up about 30-45 minutes. Depending upon the type of anesthesia, the patient is allowed to go home within 6-12 hours after the procedure.

The recovery period is lesser as compared to the open surgery technique. It will take you around 1 week to recover completely and then you can go back to your normal routine life. During this period, you just need to be a little cautious and follow some precautions that your surgeon advises.

 All these factors of ZSR circumcision make it more preferred as compared to the previous type of circumcision (i.e. open surgery). 

  • Laser Circumcision

Over the past few decades, a lot of advancements have been made in the field of technology and medicine. These advancements have resulted in the evolution of medical procedures, with every new procedure being simpler and better than the previous one. 

One such advanced surgical procedure is Laser Circumcision. Laser circumcision is a state of the art procedure and is the most effective circumcision technique available at the moment. 

laser circumcision-type of circumcision

Unlike open surgery and ZSR circumcision, Laser circumcision does not carry out any big incisions or cuts on the foreskin. Instead, in this procedure, the surgeon makes use of a high-intensity laser beam for removing the layer of the foreskin.

There is no bleeding or pain involved in the procedure. The laser beam acts only on the foreskin and does not affect any other neighboring tissues. Doesn’t matter if it is an infant undergoing circumcision, laser circumcision is 100% safe for every age group. 

It only takes about 10-15 minutes for laser circumcision to complete. After the procedure, you can even go home on the same day. You won’t have to stay in the hospital, so no inconvenience.

Also, the recovery after laser circumcision is very smooth. The swelling and pain after the procedure are minimal. No incisions or stitches means nil chances of postoperative infections. The recovery period is quite short and you can go about your routine tasks within 2-3 days. All you need to do is take a few minor precautions and you’ll be good to go.

Now that you know about the different types of circumcision procedures. Here is a quick reminder of all the benefits that circumcision offers.

  • It is easier to maintain the hygiene of a circumcised penis. No extra efforts. Just washing the penis every day while bathing would suffice.
  • Circumcision reduces the risk of urinary tract infections in males to a considerable extent.
  • Circumcised men are much less prone to Sexually Transmitted Infections than uncircumcised men. (How circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV?)
  • Circumcision eliminates the risk of many foreskin-related problems like phimosis (tight foreskin), paraphimosis (tight foreskin stuck). It also cures conditions like balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and balanoposthitis (inflammation of glans and foreskin both).
  • Infant circumcision reduces the risk of penile cancer by about 90 percent.

Take Away

Now that you know about the major types of circumcision, it is easier for you to make a well-informed decision regarding which circumcision procedure you should undergo if required. Circumcision is a personal decision, it still is our priority to ensure that you don’t make a choice that you have to regret later. Also, if you have any of the aforementioned medical conditions, then circumcision is necessary without any further delay.

Choose health over pain. Be wise and stay fit. Contact us at Pristyn Care for the modern laser treatment, book your appointment now. Your consultation will be absolutely confidential.  

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Can you get circumcised at any age?

The answer is yes. However,  circumcision in children is easier, preferably before they turn 1.

Which circumcision procedure is the best?

Laser circumcision is certainly the best procedure. It is the most advanced, painless, and minimally invasive in nature. Also, the risk of post-operative complications is nil.

Is the laser circumcision procedure painful?

No, the laser circumcision procedure is entirely painless. It takes just 30 minutes or less to complete it. The patient is allowed to go back home on the same day as the procedure. 

Can I get phimosis again after circumcision?

Once the foreskin is removed through circumcision, there is zero possibility of recurrence of phimosis.

Is being circumcised better than uncircumcised?

Undergoing circumcision is a personal decision until it becomes a medical necessity in your case. But yes, being circumcised has its own benefits like reduced risks of UTI, STI, penile problems and penile cancer.

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