The enlarged, twisted, and sticking-out veins that often cause pain and heaviness are called varicose veins. Varicose veins are a common vascular health problem that millions of people around the world are facing.

This may leave you wondering, how come so many people are suffering from varicose veins?

Well, the answer lies in the quality of lifestyle and eating habits to a great extent. 

People who require to sit for long continuous hours, eat a lot of high cholesterol foods are more prone to varicose veins. Other major risk factors for varicose veins include family history, wearing heels regularly, and pregnancy. 

Varicose veins are most commonly found on the legs due to being subjected to pressure from the upper body. Whether varicose veins are dangerous or not, depends upon the symptoms of the condition.

Treating bulging veins in the early stages can save the person from a lot of unprecedented complications of varicose veins. The varicose veins turn complicated if they persist for a prolonged time. 

varicose veins in feet-severe varicose veins

Here are all the potentially dangerous complications of varicose veins if left untreated for a long time:

In the the long-standing condition of varicose veins, the swelling in the veins can increase. Due to swelling and inflammation, the skin around varicose veins becomes overstretched. This can make the skin more prone to skin infections like cellulitis and can have serious consequences.

  • Vein ulcers

Vein ulcers are yet another serious complication of untreated varicose veins. As the amount of pooled blood increases, the pressure of blood against the skin also increases. This excessive pressure may lead to an open sore in the skin, which may become ulcerated. These venous ulcers can be very painful and you may even notice pus-discharge through the wound. In severe cases, venous ulcers can even have life-threatening implications.

  • Lipodermatosclerosis (inflammatory condition of the skin)

Lipodermatosclerosis is a skin condition that causes symptoms like hardened skin, change in the color of the skin. and inflammation. Prolonged varicose veins are one of the major risk factors for lipodermatosclerosis. The condition can be so painful that the person may find it difficult to even move his legs.

  • Rupturing of the vein

If varicose veins are not tended to in time, the volume of blood pooled inside them can increase to such an extent that the affected vein may rupture or burst. This condition can result in a lot of internal bleeding, excessive blood loss and the person may faint. In the absence of proper medical care, blood loss can lead to severe complications and may even lead to death.
rupturing of veins-deep vein thrombosis


  • Hyperpigmentation

In hyperpigmentation, the color of the skin starts becoming dark brownish. Do not confuse hyperpigmentation with redness of varicose veins. The redness on the skin is an initial symptom of varicose veins and occurs due to inflammation. Hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, occurs in the advanced stages of varicose veins and occurs due to skin damage, thereby leading to discoloration of the skin.

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis is the most common complication of varicose veins. The condition of the formation of blood clots in the varicose veins is called deep vein thrombosis. DVT causes intense pain and cramping in the leg. DVT can prove to be fatal if the clot breaks away and moves into the bloodstream. Thus, immediate treatment is mandatory as soon as a person is diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis.

You can certainly avoid these dangerous problems by simply undergoing timely treatment for varicose veins. And, for that, you must be aware of  the most effective and harmless treatment option.

Which is the most effective treatment for varicose veins?

At present, the most advanced and most effective treatment for varicose veins is laser treatment. Laser treatment for varicose veins is a modern procedure that uses pulses of laser energy to shut off blood supply through varicose veins. In the absence of blood flow, the varicose veins collapse and eventually scar away. This reroutes the flow of blood through unaffected healthier veins and thus cures the problem of varicose veins.

Laser treatment for varicose veins does not require any cuts, incisions, or stitches. It is entirely non-invasive and is performed as a daycare procedure. The patient can go home on the same day and the recovery will be as fast and smooth as you could imagine. As the laser treatment requires minimal access to the body, it is absolutely safe and risk-free. Through laser treatment, you can say goodbye to varicose veins without any hassles.

Laser  Varicose Veins Treatment at Pristyn Care

laser treatment for varicose veins

The modern laser varicose veins treatment is available at Pristyn Care. Our vascular surgeons are highly-skilled and can perform the surgery with great precision. The technologies we use are USFDA approved so you can rely on them without any second thoughts. We will make sure that your treatment experience with us is absolutely seamless. 

Some tips for varicose veins before you leave

  • Your diet must be rich in roughage, vitamins, and nutrients.
  • You gotta ditch the junk and embrace the green veggies in your regular diet to strengthen the veins
  • Regular mild exercise and yoga poses can do wonders in improving the entire cardio-vascular system (hence the varicose veins).
  • Avoid wearing heels and switch to wearing flat comfortable footwear.
  • If you are pregnant, compression stockings can help you in providing relief from pain and soreness of the legs.
  • Avoid indulging in physical activities that put more strain on the legs and worsen the varicose veins pain.

Take Away

Varicose veins can be very pesky to deal with. Thus, they need a permanent solution and there is no better option than modern laser treatment. To resolve all your queries (if you still have) about the Pristyn Care treatment, simply call us or book your online appointment. 

We assure you that it is only after you are are sure, we will proceed with the treatment. 

So, do not delay the treatment anymore and get help now. We will be more than happy to help you.

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Can you die from varicose veins?

Varicose veins though a serious medical concern but do not usually cause death except in very rare and severe cases.  Only in an extreme case, where rupturing of varicose veins causes major internal bleeding can result in the sudden death of the person.

How can I stop varicose veins from getting worse?

You can do the following simple yet effective things to prevent varicose veins from getting worse:

  • Indulge in a regular mild exercise that improves blood circulation and strengthens the veins.
  • Shed those extra kilos, if you are obese.
  • Avoid remaining seated or standing for long continuous hours.
  • Do not wear too tight clothes
  • Elevate your legs for some time every day
  • Wear comfortable and flat footwear
  • Wear compression stocking for a few hours as suggested by the doctor
Do varicose veins indicate poor vein health?

Yes, varicose veins are indicative of poor health of the veins (or vascular system). Varicose veins cause discomforting symptoms like tired, heavy legs with a constant burning sensation. Thus, varicose veins are not justly unpleasant to look at but also are serious medical concerns that need timely treatment and care. 

Are stress and varicose veins related?

Yes, stress and varicose veins are related. Being stressed increases blood pressure that has damaging effects on the valves of the veins. Stress is also linked to being among the major risk factors for spider veins.



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