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In many cultures, including Indian, virginity is deeply interlinked with purity and honor. Our society’s obsession with virginity is not new; no matter how far we go in terms of women’s empowerment, having sex before marriage still comes with a label that most people cannot do without.

The hymen is a physical element, whereas virginity is a state of a person who has never indulged in sexual intercourse. Virginity is more of a social concept. So, interlinking a woman’s dignity with virginity is illogical.

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Virginity is a desired quality in a woman when it comes to marriage. If a woman loses her virginity to another man other than who she gets married to, the emotional, psychological, and physical consequences that follow, can often be ugly. It would not be wrong to say that our culture is rooted and safeguarded in a woman’s vagina. 

To hide what her family and her husband may consider immoral and a disgrace, a woman resorts to ways to fake her virginity. And thankfully, there are products that offer you exactly what you want back – your virginity!!

How? Artificial hymen kit is now available in the markets and online to your rescue. Literally.

What is an artificial hymen kit?

An artificial hymen is a product made of a synthetic membrane that releases blood during penetration. The ‘blood’ that is oozed out is actually blood-like color or blood powdering.

The artificial kit claims to help you regain the ‘feel like your first time’ feel back. Regardless of the reason why you want to regain your virginity, the product kit helps you get the feeling that your partner experiences the same.

The artificial hymen kit product can be used to keep your past love life and sexual engagement a secret from your future husband.

How does an artificial hymen kit work?

A very popular artificial hymen repair kit that is medically recommended and highly trusted is Spentohimen Artificial Hymen. The kit comes with two sterile cellulose membranes.

It contains blood and helps regain the experience of virginity which may be lost due to earlier sexual intercourse, strenuous physical activities, or any accident.

The product is natural with no side effects. The kit is convenient to use and causes no pain during sexual intercourse.

During sexual penetration, the membrane created by the artificial hymen breaks, and the synthetic blood will ooze out, thus simulating the breakdown of the hymen.

How to use an artificial hymen kit?

An artificial hymen kit is easy to use and requires no help from others while using it. To use the kit, you need to wash your hands and lie down in a comfortable position. Take the hymen with your index finger.

After that, hold the folds of the vaginal skin and insert the artificial hymen. The product works best when inserted at least 20 minutes before having sex. Do not use the product if you are allergic to external ingredients, menstruating, lactating, or pregnant.

Benefits and Effectiveness of artificial hymen repair kit

Artificial hymen kit is easy to use and does not cause any mess. The advantages include:

  • No doctor consultation needed
  • No surgery
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Affordable
  • No side effects
  • Restores virginity
  • No cuts or pain
  • No medication
  • The product works for all

Precautions to follow while using an artificial hymen kit

The artificial hymen kit is designed for vaginal use only.

  • Do not use the kit if you have vaginal pain.
  • Avoid using the artificial hymen kit if you have a vaginal infection.
  • Do not use the artificial hymen kit if you are allergic to any of the product’s ingredients.
  • Keep the artificial hymen kit out of reach of children.

Can hymen be reconstructed medically?

If you are allergic to using any external products in your vagina, you can get a repaired hymen made out of your ‘own’ tissues too. The medical procedure of repairing a torn hymen is known as hymenoplasty.

This is a simple surgical process that involves excision of the torn edges of the hymen tissues which are stitched with dissolvable sutures. The surgery is performed under anesthesia and causes no pain to the woman during the procedure.

Although invasive in nature, the surgery is completely safe and is relied on by many women. Once the torn edges are grafted together, it looks, feels, and functions like a completely intact hymen. 

Advantages of hymenoplasty over artificial hymen repair kit include:

  • Hymenoplasty causes no side effects, unlike an artificial hymen repair kit which may cause allergy in some women.
  • The feel of being a virgin is much more intense after hymenoplasty compared to using an artificial hymen kit.
  • Many women want to give their virginity to their partners. The blood oozed after hymenoplasty is one’s own which helps build a greater sense of passion within the couple compared to an artificial hymen kit where things are not so ‘real’.
  • Every vagina is different. ‘One is for all’ does not always hold true and good when it comes to the vagina. Hymenoplasty is carried out under professional gynecology supervision, unlike an artificial hymen repair kit where no guidance is involved. The scope of any potential risks and complications in the vagina is much lesser in the case of hymenoplasty because of the professional help involved.

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Artificial hymen kit and surgical reconstruction of the vagina are two completely different approaches to the very same thing – a fresh, intact, and untorn vagina.

Both the methods are effective, but the risks and complications may vary from one to another, depending on how correctly the product was used or how experienced the gynecologist was who performed the hymenoplasty.

There are pros and cons for both. But, the one where a medical expert is involved, the risks are cut down to a greater extent.


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