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    Hymen repair surgery (Hymenoplasty Surgery)

    What is Hymenoplasty Hymen Repair Surgery?

    Hymenoplasty Surgery or Hymen Repair Surgery, or as medically known as hymenorrhaphy, is a simple, yet medically verified method of repairing broken hymen. 

    The doctor first puts you on local anesthesia. Then, the broken fragments of your hymen are stitched together with dissolvable and minute sutures. The Hymenoplasty surgery is quick, takes only 30-45 minutes and you can walk home the same day after a little rest. 

    Unlike popular misconception, the surgery does not leave any scars, is 100% effective, and after a few weeks, there is no way to detect the difference between a natural or surgically repaired hymen.

    Best Time to Get Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Best Time to Get Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Hymenoplasty is best performed 45 days before the day you would like to engage in the intended intercourse. 

    This is because, the sutures used to stitch the hymen take at least 2-3 weeks to dissolve, and the body takes another 3 weeks to recover completely and get ready for sex. 

    Intercourse before complete healing can lead to excessive pain, injury, bleeding, and infection. Therefore, planning the surgery at the right time is extremely important to get the desired results.

    Documents Needed for Hymenoplasty

    Age Proof (18+)

    Age Proof (18+)

    Patient’s Written Consent

    Patient’s Written Consent

    Diagnosis to see if the patient is fit for hymenoplasty is rather simple as there are no absolute contradictions to the surgery. 

    However, the two tests that the doctor necessarily performs include clinical tests and pelvic exams. While the pelvic exam helps the doctor see the current condition of the hymen and suggest the best treatment accordingly, the clinical tests help measure the patient’s weight, BP and sugar levels to rule out relative contradictions.

    The doctor may also ask you about your period cycle as hymenoplasty is best performed after 2 days of your last menstruation.

    Diagnosis for Hymenoplasty

    Risks & Complications - Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Hymenoplasty Surgery is a safe and effective for hymen repair. However, just like any other surgery, it may involve some complications too. It depends on the surgical expertise of the surgeon and the general health of the patient.

    Hymenorrhaphy does not include many risks apart from abnormal bleeding.

    • Myths and Facts About Hymenoplasty


      Myths and Facts About Hymenoplasty
      • Myth – Every woman bleeds during first sexual intercourse.
        Fact – It is not necessary for women to bleed during the first sexual intercourse. The hymen may be thin and flexible in some women and can break even without the insertion or sexual act. On the other hand, some women have a thick and rigid hymen, which does not easily rupture and may break only during sexual intercourse, which results in bleeding. Myth – Every woman has a hymen.
        Fact – No, not all women are born with a hymen. Some women are born with a hymen, while some women are not born with one. Approximately 1 in 1,000 girls are born with what’s called an imperforate hymen. This is a hymen in which no opening to the vagina is present. Myth – Hymenorrhaphy can also result in vaginal tightening.
        Fact – Hymenorrhaphy is a surgery done on the surface of the vagina and does not affect the laxity of the vagina. If a woman wants to undergo the treatment for a loosened vagina, laser vaginal tightening is a safe procedure that can be completed in 2-3 sessions.Myth – The hymen is THE definitive marker of virginity.
        Fact – Clinically, there is no specific marker to confirm the virginity of women especially, hymen. Hymen breakage has been confirmed by several studies as NOT being a sign of losing one’s virginity. Myth – The hymen is rigid and impenetrable.
        Fact – In some women, the hymen can be thick and rigid while in some women, it can be thin and flexible. Women can experience the hymen breakage after the hymenoplasty once again similar to what they experienced during their first sexual encounter.

    When to Consult a Gynecologist for Hymenoplasty?

    You can consult a gynecologist whenever you wish to undergo the treatment. It is a personal choice, and anyone above 18 years of age can go through the procedure. Your gynecologist will discuss the risks and complications involved during the surgery and guide you through the best course of treatment.

    Questions To Ask Your Doctor for Hymenoplasty

    When is the best time to get hymenoplasty surgery?
    Will I bleed after hymenoplasty?
    How long does the recovery take after hymenoplasty surgery?
    When can I have sex after hymenoplasty?
    Will it hurt when I get my period after hymenoplasty?
    Can my partner find out if I have had a hymen repair surgery?
    I have had a hymen repair surgery before. Can I have the surgery again?

    Treatment Options & Cost - Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair Surgery)

    While the market sells many creams, medicines, blood capsules, and ‘hymen repair kits’, a hymen never grows back unless through a surgery. 

    Therefore, note that these are all marketing gimmicks and these OTC medicines are rather infamous for causing intense dryness, tearing of the vaginal walls, bad smell, allergy, infection, and at times- infertility.

    The internet is also loaded with various home remedies claiming hymen repair. These include eating gooseberries, applying alum, different kitchen ingredients, or doing legal exercises.

    Again, note that these too, are ineffective, and in no circumstances can bring the desired results.

    Insurance coverage for hymenoplasty

    Insurance Coverage - Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Hymenoplasty is typically considered a cosmetic procedure and not a ‘medical necessity’. Therefore, most of insurance providers do not cover the treatment cost under insurance. 

    Insurance coverage for hymenoplasty

    Doctors on Hymenoplasty Surgery - Pristyn Care


    Is hymenoplasty a painful procedure?

    No, hymenoplasty usually is not a painful procedure since it is done under general anesthesia, which means the patient is normally asleep throughout the surgery. However, you may feel a slight pull, itch, or a burning sensation around your vagina when the effects of anesthesia wear off. 

    Will I be a virgin again after undergoing hymenorrhaphy?

    Most often, virginity is unnecessarily misunderstood as an ‘intact hymen’. So yes, hymenoplasty is also known a ‘revirginization procedure‘ that reconstructs the hymen back to its original state. Thereby, making you a virgin through an ‘intact hymen‘. * Note that the same is neither medically true, nor advocated.  

    Does hymenorrhaphy guarantee bleeding?

    There are high chances of bleeding during the subsequent sexual intercourse after the surgery. However, no surgeon guarantees bleeding right after hymenorrhaphy. The idea that women must bleed during the first sexual intercourse is itself flawed and clinically wrong.

    Does hymenoplasty affect the period cycle?

    No, hymenoplasty does not affect the period cycle of the female in any manner. It is a procedure to reconstruct the hymen, which is on the surface of the vagina and has no relation with the menstrual cycle

    What is the duration of hymenoplasty?

    The OT time of hymenoplasty is usually around 20 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the patient’s condition and the surgical expertise of the gynecologist

    Does hymenoplasty affect future pregnancies?

    No, hymen repair surgery (Hymenoplasty) is performed on the surface of the vagina and does not affect any reproductive organs. There are no complications involved with infertility in women. Hymenoplasty has no negative or positive effects on a woman’s fertility. 

    What is the best time to get a hymenorrhaphy before marriage?

    Hymenorrhaphy takes around 4 to 6 weeks for complete hymen reconstruction. Therefore the best time to get hymen repair surgery is around 1-1.5 months before the wedding. This duration will allow you to heal completely and prepare for the wedding. 

    Does hymen repair surgery leave any scars?

    No, the vagina has an excellent blood flow and hence any scars are easily healed and removed within a month of the surgery. 

    Can my partner find out if the hymen is original or repaired through surgery?

    No, hymenoplasty leaves no scars, and it is practically impossible to differentiate between the original or repaired hymen post surgery. Also, we maintain the strictest protocols of safety and confidentiality. 

    Why Choose Pristyn Care for Hymenoplasty Surgery?

    Hymenoplasty is a sensitive topic. While many advocate against it for channeling a repressive ideology, a lot more consider it as a matter of ‘choice’. As for us at Pristyn Care, it is a matter of “Needs”, “Choice”, and “Medical Responsibility”.

    An ‘intact hymen’ is still a marker of ‘chastity’, ‘virginity’, and ‘honor’ in many cultures including India. While we do encourage more awareness and call for a modern and egalitarian society where women are valued much above any fact of ‘if or if not’ they have had a ‘pre-wedding sexual encounter’, we also acknowledge, it is still a long way to go.

    Thousands of women still seek intact hymen through home remedies, hymen repair kits, ointments, solutions, and medicines. Many even fake bleeding post their wedding intercourse through the infamous- ‘blood capsules’.

    All these solutions are not only ‘Not Effective’, but cause more harm than good. They are rather known for causing dryness, infection, tearing, and bad odor. Many women even risk infertility because of excessive infection and damage.

    It hence becomes our duty as medical professionals to rather provide a clinically safe and legal option to undergo hymen repair, if one must. Also, if it truly is a choice because of whatever circumstances, we see that we must provide our patients- a safe environment to undertake any medical procedure, rather than judging, lecturing, or negating it’s need.

    Hence, we at Pristyn Care are focused on providing a SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL, and PRIVATE clinical space for our patients to undergo a safe hymenoplasty procedure, if they must.

    We ensure the same through:

    • Expert Cosmetic Gynecologist: Our gynecologists bear a minimum experience of 10-15 years and hence bring along excellent skills and surgical expertise. Our success rate runs over 95%.
    • Free online/ in-clinic consultations: We offer free consultations. Also, you have the choice to speak with the doctor in-clinic or offline, sitting from the comfort of your home. You can ask as many questions, and we ensure we give you the right and detailed answers. 
    • Complete Confidentiality: We maintain complete confidentiality throughout. That is, no one except you or your attendant shall be informed of the treatment at any stance.
    • Free transportation to and from the hospital: We provide free cab pick up and drop off from and to your residence on the day of surgery.
    • Minimal-no waiting time for hospital admission: We perform most of our admission formalities beforehand, so you do not have to wait for hospital admission at the site. 
    • All paperwork done on your behalf: We do all your hospital admission and discharge paperwork ourselves on your behalf to reduce your hassles and provide a seamless patient experience. 
    • Multiple payment options: We accepts all modes of payment including cash, credit, and debit card. 
    • No cost EMI option: You can also opt for the No cost EMI option while paying for your medical bills. 
    • Free follow-up: We provide free follow-up post consultations to ensure a complete and smooth recovery. 

    How to book an appointment with a Pristyn Care Gynecologist for hymenoplasty Surgery?

    Booking an appointment with a Pristyn Care gynecologist is easy. 

    Simply call us directly or fill out our ‘Book my Appointment’ form.  It would ask you just four basic questions such as ‘Your name’, ‘Contact’, ‘Disease name’, and ‘City’. Just fill them and click ‘submit’. Our medical coordinators will call you shortly and help you speak to a doctor of your choice.

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