Difference between open and laser surygery for piles

Piles! Feeling disgusted or ashamed? Don’t be, as it is a common disease and many people suffer from it during their lifetime. Basically, everybody has piles. They are vascular structures in the anus of a person. More than 50% of people above age 45 have had piles, which include symptoms like itching, bleeding during the bowel movement, and swelling. Few people do not need surgery as home remedies for piles also work sometimes such as sitz bath, witch hazel and so on.

A condition in which the vascular veins in the rectum gets swollen and cause discomfort and sometimes bleeding is known as piles. This can sometimes also expand outward from your anus. There are four types of piles or hemorrhoids:

  • Internal hemorrhoids- 

They are inside the rectum, we cannot see them easily. This type is not very serious and generally does not require any medical attention, as it heals with time naturally.

  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids- 

These occur when the internal hemorrhoids become visible i.e. they bulge out of your anus and can be seen easily. This category has four grades, depending on the seriousness of the situation, from grade 1 being very mild to grade 4 being very painful and which cannot go inside the anus on its own. Grade 4 requires surgery.

  • External hemorrhoids- 

These occur at the tip of the anus, the part from which the stool comes out. It is generally not very severe. You will feel most of the pain only when you sit down as the tip of the anus comes in contact with the seat.
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  • Thrombosed hemorrhoids- 

Thrombosed piles are the most dangerous form of piles that have no blood flow due to blood clots. This condition is very painful. If this discomfort does not last 48 hours, consulting a proctologist is the best way. 


You may feel pain and itchiness in your rectum, especially during your bowel movement. You may also encounter blood in your stool. As soon as these symptoms show up, you should consult a doctor immediately, because if not treated on time, the matter can get worse. If you do not see any lump or blood while bowel movement then it is of a mild category and it may heal on its own.

There are a lot of causes of hemorrhoids which include unhealthy eating habits; eating too oily or too spicy food for a long period, low fiber diet, constipation or diarrhea, using toilets more than 2 times a day, lifting heavy objects and also pregnancy.


There are two prominent treatments – open surgery and laser surgery, in simple words, we can say that the former treatment is traditional whereas, the latter is very advanced.

  • Open surgery for piles:

    This technique is used when the location or amount of disease makes the wound closure difficult or the likelihood of postoperative infection high.

    • Local anesthesia is applied to the anal area and the part around the sphincter muscles is sedated. Due to this, the patient doesn’t feel much pain. There are many ways of this surgery using different instruments like staplers.
    • The surgeon makes a long cut to operate piles. 
    • The doctor has to be very meticulous as there are other important muscles in that area, which should not be harmed, also a decent amount of bleeding is involved.
    • The surgeon stitches the wound which takes time to heal.
    • The first two to three days are very painful after the surgery, as the procedure is very complex. There are two ways to let the wound heal; the first is to let it be open so that it can heal by itself, and the second is to stitch the wound.
    • The recovery in open surgery takes around a week. The patient might have to stay in the hospital if there is any further bleeding or wound infection.
  • Laser surgery for piles:

    This is the most advanced technique in healing hemorrhoids/piles. 

    • The patient is given general anesthesia during the procedure.
    • There is no pain involved in the surgery. 
    • This particular technique is very helpful in treating higher grades / severe cases of hemorrhoids as it is almost painless.
    • In this procedure, the laser fiber is introduced inside the rectum and laser energy is used to destroy piles in a precise manner.
    • This technique is very helpful in dealing with hemorrhoids that have not been cured for a long time. There is no scarring and no wound in the surgery.
    • It is a 30-minute day care procedure. The patient can go home the same day after the surgery.
    • The post-surgery complications are negligible in this minimally invasive procedure to treat piles. The patient can resume normal activities after 2-3 days but need to avoid strenuous work. (Also Read: Know Everything About Piles Laser Surgery)

In a nutshell, we can describe the peculiar differences in the following table:

Open surgeryLaser surgery
Cuts and woundsYes No
Recurrence Yes No
Diet restrictionsYesNo
Rest post-surgery1-2 months2-3 days
InvasiveLarge Minimum


Take Away

Now, as we have discussed the topic in every spectrum, it is very clear that laser surgery is better than open surgery in every aspect. It is painless and a very effective method. There are almost no chances of any complications.

A person should have a healthy diet. He or she should be aware of what they eat. They should include fibrous food and enough water in their diet to avoid complications and further maintain the health of the rectum. One should be very vigilant in consulting a doctor, whenever these types of symptoms show up including itchiness, soreness, bleeding and pain during bowel movements, as this disease doesn’t take much time to worsen. 

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