Know about Laser Surgical Treatment for hemorrhoids

Piles is one of the most painful deals on the planet right now.

You have to be careful while sitting. Standing. Walking. Or doing anything else for that matter. The blood. The pain, it’s just too much to bear.

No wonder, people suffering want to get rid of the disease as soon as they can. The question is ‘how?’.

While there is a number of ways to treat piles, most of them are either painful or make the patient conscious causing them to shy away.

So, how to treat it?

For every piles patient looking for a quick, painless and aesthetic treatment, LASER is the ultimate answer.

But How does LASER Work?

Before you move forward with getting a LASER surgical treatment for hemorrhoids, you’d sure want to know how it works.

hemorrhoids treatment to get rid of piles

Educating you of the same, here’s the whole procedure broken down into simple steps, so you know how easy and flawless it is.

  • Anesthesia is given to the patient
  • LASER signal/energy is sent into the submucosal hemorrhoidal nodes directly through the radial fiber
  • The swollen nodes are shrunken down from the inside
  • The same LASER reduces the blood supply. This inhibits the abnormal growth of hemorrhoids in the rectum
  • Ultimately this whole procedure prevents the occurrence and recurrence of the disease in most cases

NOTE: In some cases, a formal surgical intervention may be required.

How LASER Surgical Treatment for Hemorrhoids is better than Open Surgical Treatment?

While a laser surgery seems like a really convenient option to go for, is it really better and more successful than the traditional open surgery?

How about finding out?

Here’s a brief and unbiased comparison of both the treatments. Have a look.

And that’s not the end. There’s a number of other great advantages that’ll make you want to be treated asap.

  • Clean surgery without cuts or wounds
  • Painless treatment
  • Quick recovery
  • Maintains the sphincter action excluding all odds of a fecal leak or any incontinence
  • Least post-treatment uneasiness/discomfort to the patient
  • Least planning required. Same day treatment and discharge
  • The operation takes a total of 15-20 minutes
  • No diet restrictions
  • None to least infection risks involved
  • Minimal blood loss
  • You can go to work from the very next day
  • The most aesthetic of all piles treatments. Gives the patient a confidence boost

Like any other elastic muscle in the human body, the vagina can also lose some of its elasticity.

So, you see how it is? LASER surgery for hemorrhoids isn’t air. The deal is real and it works.

Painless piles treatment

No wonder patients who getting a laser treatment speak all good of it.

Just like this person who recently got diagnosed with a hemorrhoids situation, spoke about the LASER treatment and how it helped him do everything that he’d do when he didn’t have piles and never cropped up again.

More about LASER Treatment for Hemorrhoids; What to Expect?

Hemorrhoids like any other medical condition asks for a qualified treatment. As it affects a sensitive area of your body, the treatment has to be carried out with immense care.

Once it’s done, the effects start showing up but all of it takes time. To help you know more here’s everything that you can expect after a laser treatment for hemorrhoids.

Right after leaving the clinic

In most cases, after getting a laser surgical treatment you’ll be leaving the clinic on the same day. And that too without sedation.

Although, pain management is something that you may have to worry about. In such cases, you may have to take medicines or over-the-counter medication. When on these medicines, you wouldn’t feel a bit of pain.

Bowel movement can also be painful for a few days. To help yourself, you can consider taking stool softeners prescribed by your doctor. They are really effective. Also, make sure you eat plenty of fiber and drink a lot of water.

Don’t freak out on seeing blood on and around the tissue as you wipe. It’s normal. To prevent stains it is recommendable to use a protective pad in your underwear.

Using a sitz bath can also improve your condition.


Like after any other piles treatment in the world, a LASER surgical treatment also requires healing time for post-operative healing. It’s just that the period of recovery is shorter than that in other treatments.

Also, note that the time required for recovery varies from patient to patient. However, in most general cases it’ll take the patient around a week to be near normal after the LASER surgery.

The best part is the patients who received a treatment can get back to their work schedule from the very next day.

Although the recovery processes after a LASER treatment is the least painful, it can still pain a lot as the anus and the rectum are involved. As mentioned above, you can use painkillers suggested by your practitioner.

Final words

With all the deadly symptoms that piles brings in, undoubtedly it is one of the most painful and hard to bear diseases that humans have to deal with.

And that’s not even where it ends. The embarrassment is yet another deal that disturbs patients like anything, be it for conversations or for the treatment itself.

All thanks to the LASER surgical treatment for hemorrhoids that such issues are not prevalent anymore.

get rid of piles permanently

A LASER treatment cures piles for once and for all (in most cases). Being completely painless and the most aesthetic, it doesn’t bug the patients much and also boosts their confidence.

The sad part is that patients are still not aware of it. In this post, we tried to fill that void.

Here, you read everything about Laser surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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  1. Laser surgical treatment for hemorrhoids is an ideal scenario to get cure from hemorrhoids. There is open surgery also, but there are chances of getting infection and there are cuts and wounds during open surgery. So, I would recommend you to undergo laser surgery for hemorrhoids.

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