Hymenoplasty is not a mandatory or necessary surgical process to be performed. It neither has medical benefits, nor the scientific one. The process is done for own self-esteem and personal desires. If one does not bleed while having sexual intercourse, it is not the sign of previous intercourse or stale. As per the research available, 40-50% women do not bleed at their first night. The reason is not the previous intercourse but may be the vigorous sports activities. Even Hymenoplasty is not just aimed to hide the previous sexual intercourse experience, it is performed with the following reasons and benefits which are mentioned below-

  • Revirgination: If any of the women started a relationship with any of the men in past but due to some reason, had her break-up, can go for the hymenoplasty to get her hymen restructured through the surgical process.
  • Repair the Hymen Injury: Vigorous activities, tampons, and physical exercises may lead to tearing the hymen. In fact, childbirth and normal delivery may loosen the vagina and break the hymen which may reduce the sexual experience. Women can adopt the hymenoplasty to repair this hymen injury.

Some women may get this treatment due to cultural or religious factors & to get rid of some psychological experience.

Note: Every Hymenoplasty. may not give the assurance of bleeding at first night, yet it helps to regain your confidence and to improve the sexual intercourse experience.

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