Varicose veins is a common vascular condition marked by swollen or distended and twisted veins due to blood pooling inside them. These tortuous veins form when the vein valves responsible for blood movement get damaged or weak. Though varicose veins can develop anywhere in the body, these are predominantly found in the legs. Pain, swelling, itching, and inflamed skin are the common symptoms of varicose veins. Thus, these bulging veins are not just a cosmetic concern but a serious medical condition.

Obesity, sedentary mode of lifestyle, pregnancy, and wearing heels are some of the major causes of varicose veins. Varicose veins have a tendency to grow severe with time and do not disappear on their own. Hence, timely medical consultation with a specialist is necessary. 

Laser treatment is the permanent solution for varicose veins. It is the vascular medicine specialist or vascular surgeons that perform varicose veins laser treatment. This advanced treatment for varicose veins is available at Pristyn Care. All of our vascular surgeons are skilled and well-experienced in treating even severe cases of varicose veins. 

How does a vascular surgeon perform varicose veins laser treatment?

The advanced laser treatment for varicose veins is a highly precise procedure that cures the condition permanently, using pulses of laser energy. The patient remains under the effect of anesthesia and feels no pain during the treatment. During the procedure, the surgeon directs the laser energy of high intensity to seal off the ends of the distended and damaged veins. As a result of this, the blood tends to flow through the healthy veins with functional valves. 

Eventually, the varicose veins collapse and fade away as no blood passes through them. Hence, laser varicose veins surgery prevents any unprecedented complications that could arise due to prolonged conditions. The entire treatment takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Further, only a few hours (4-5 hours) of observation are required to ensure the patient is stable.  

Why do vascular specialists prefer laser surgery over traditional surgery?

The doctors prefer to treat varicose veins by laser surgery as it is minimally invasive in nature. It can effectively cure even serious cases of varicose veins without inflicting too much pain on the patient. The advanced laser technique offers several other benefits over traditional open surgery for varicose veins.

Here is a comparison table for your better understanding:

Type of varicose veins surgeryLaser treatment for varicose veins Open surgery for varicose veins
Duration20-30 minutes1-2 hours
Bleeding during the treatmentBloodless procedureInvolves bleeding
Hospital stay1 day2-4 days
ScarringNo long terms scarsHigh chances of long terms scarring due to multiple stitches
Need for a bandage after surgeryNo requirement for bandage as there are no major incisions or woundsBandage and compression stockings are required for a few days following surgery
Post-surgery complicationsAlmost nil chances of complicationsVarious blood and wound-related complications can occur
Recovery period Resume work in 2 days

Complete recovery within a week

Bedrest of 2-4 weeks  is required for complete recovery
Recurrence rateNo risk of recurrenceThe recurrence rate of varicose veins is more than 20%

All these benefits make laser treatment not only the most effective but also a cost-saving treatment for varicose veins. As the laser treatment does not require frequent visits to the doctor or dressing for long days, it eliminates major post-surgery expenses.

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Cost of Varicose Veins Laser Treatment 

The average varicose veins surgery cost in Delhi and other metro cities is around Rs. 55,000- Rs. 70,000. We, at Pristyn Care, accept all kinds of health or medical insurances (personal or corporate). Thus, the treatment becomes all the more affordable for our patients. 

You can call us on the above-mentioned number or click on the ‘Book Appointment’ icon to consult any of our vascular doctors near you. Also, if you have any queries before booking the consultation, you can speak to our coordinators. 

Why do our doctors advise timely treatment for varicose veins? 

We encourage you to seek medical help for varicose veins as delaying the treatment often results in further complications. 

Following are the complications of varicose veins that you should be aware of:

  • Forming of a blood clot(s) in varicose veins, called deep vein thrombosis
  • A blood clot can detach from the vein and reach the lungs to block one of the arteries
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin surrounding varicose veins
  • Skin infections
  • Inflamed superficial veins of legs
  • Hardening of the tissues (lipodermatosclerosis) of the legs
  • Ulcers in veins
  • Open sores on the skin around prolonged varicose veins
  • Internal bleeding due to excessive pooling of blood inside varicose veins

According to vascular experts, these complications can be easily avoided by early diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. The sooner you take notice of the symptoms and speak to a doctor, the easier it is to get rid of these pesky twisted and bulging veins. 

Take Away

Anybody can suffer from this common disorder of the vascular system called varicose veins. These inflamed and throbbing pain-inflicting veins require immediate medical attention from a vascular surgeon. The only way to guarantee permanent riddance from the condition is by getting laser treatment for varicose veins that offers fast desirable results. Get in touch with us to eliminate the troubles of varicose veins from your life. 

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