Exercises After Hernia Surgery

The aim of hernia surgery is to place the protruded organs to their normal position. Laparoscopic hernia surgery repairs the muscle weakness and abdominal wall. As hernia is caused by heavy lifting or excessive and repeated straining, recovery after hernia surgery involves watchful returning to normal exercise. 

Before listing the exercises, it is necessary to understand when is the right time to return to exercise without causing hernia to recur. Generally, patients can walk after 48 hours of the laparoscopic hernia surgery. Due to the nature of the procedure, patients may experience negligible pain that can lead to overestimating the activity level. This can lead to problems or recurrence if the patient returns to normal activity too soon. 

Avoid activities such as 

  • Quick and fast walking
  • Repeated activity such as bending, squatting, running, biking or swimming
  • Lifting more than 25 pounds of weight.

After two weeks

  • Return to normal exercise
  • Start slow and easy, gradually increasing the intensity
  • Do not ignore the signs of your body and contact if you notice any abnormal symptoms

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Exercises after Hernia Surgery

Here are some exercises to help you recover from your surgery and get you moving just the way you want. 

  • Deep Breathing

Even if there is slight pain after hernia surgery, deep breathing can be helpful. People usually tend to take shallow breaths which can lead to infection as lungs do not expand completely. You must do deep breathing for quick recovery. It can be helpful if you place a pillow or towel if you feel like coughing or sneezing to support the abdomen. 

Deep breathing after hernia surgery

  • Walking

Best exercise after hernia surgery is to walk as much as possible but do not exert yourself. Walking helps in improving blood circulation and encourages proper gut functions. Walking makes recovery quicker and prevents infection and blood clot. Keep increasing the distance if you feel comfortable. 

Walking To Get Strong

  • Move your legs

If you are not walking enough, you can also start knee or ankle exercises for proper blood circulation, making your legs and abdomen strong. You can try these exercises after consulting your exercises: 

    • Bend and stretch your ankles. Repeat it 5-8 times.
    • To strengthen your thighs, lie down on your back and push the back of your knee down. Hold for a few seconds and relax.

Move your legs after hernia surgery

  • Abdominal Exercises

Here are some exercises to strengthen your core muscles to prevent hernia recurrence:

    • Pelvic exercise: Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Put your hands under your lower back. Make your abdominal muscles stiff and push your pelvis towards the ceiling. Hold the position for a few seconds and relax.Pelvic exercise after hernia surgery 
    • Core twist: Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Lower both your knees on the same side till you are comfortable and return to the normal position. Repeat it till you are comfortable.
      Core twist after hernia surgery
  • Leg Exercises:

    Start with a few sets of leg exercises and gradually increase as you start feeling stronger and as the doctor recommends. 

    • Ankle stretch: Stretch your ankles and flex atleast 10 times. 
    • Knee pushes: Strengthen the back of your thighs by lying straight on your back and pushing the back of your knee (one at a time) down into the bed, hold for a few seconds and relax.
    • Leg straightens: Sit on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor with your knees at 90 degrees. Straighten out each leg at a time, hold for a few seconds, then return to 90 degrees.

Take Away

It is important to know the right time to start your exercises after hernia surgery. Therefore, consult a doctor to know what exercises to do, when to do and how much is good. Looking at your post-surgery condition, the medical coordinator will prescribe diet, exercise and recovery time. Rest it is upon how you follow the post-surgery instructions. 

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Can I lift weight after hernia surgery?

After the surgery, patients are asked to refrain from lifting heavy weights. Also, they must avoid any strenuous activity after the surgery until the doctor suggests.

Can coughing hurt hernia repair?

In case of open surgery, vigorous coughing may hurt on the repair. It may strain the surgical area. You may need some support or a pillow when you cough. Walking and breathing are good otherwise.

How long will I have pain after hernia surgery?

After laparoscopic hernia repair, the post-surgery pain and discomfort are very less. You can start your normal routine after 4-5 days of the surgery. But avoid exerting yourself.

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