Get rid of loose vagina after childbirth

It is true that a female’s vagina is made to undergo many changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. The complications and other factors are different for normal vaginal delivery and C-Section. In a normal delivery, the vagina is designed in a way to undergo expansion and contraction.

The woman herself feels her vagina enlarged, loose, sore and even dry after childbirth. During pregnancy, many hormones are released in the female’s body. At the time of childbirth, many hormonal reactions occur in the body. Estrogen is responsible to increase the blood flow in the vagina and maintain its elasticity. This hormone helps the vagina in expansion and contraction. Due to this, the vagina is able to stretch to a large extent to allow the child to be pushed out.

Another hormone released during this phase is “relaxin“. This hormone serves the purpose of relaxing the pelvic ligaments and also softens and widens the cervix in order to let the baby come out. These two hormones play an important role during childbirth.

After childbirth, every female faces complications such as the loose vagina, vaginal dryness, soreness, itching, etc. The female is advised to take a lot of care of her vagina after childbirth. The vagina needs proper care after going through so much during the childbirth. Such complications are recovered by the body itself in six to eight weeks. In some cases, it may get normal. But the looseness in the vagina cannot be undone. But medical science has a solution to it.

With the vaginal tightening procedure, the female can get rid of looseness in the vagina and get back a healthy, fit and irritation-free vagina.

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What complications will the vagina have after childbirth?

  • Loose and Wide Vagina- In most cases, a female can feel her vagina wider, softer and looser than the normal. The vagina may also feel sore or bruised. Bruising and soreness are normal to occur and are supposed to go back inside after a few days.One major problem caused due to this is Stress Urinary Incontinence. The vagina does not get back to the way it was before the delivery. It can only be treated medically.
  • Vaginal Dryness- Vaginal dryness is normal for females after childbirth. During pregnancy, there are lower levels of estrogen in the female body. It gets even lowered at the time of childbirth.Resuming sexual intercourse may further cause more troubles as it may make the vagina more sore and dry if not lubricated properly.
  • Soreness and Itchiness- Because of being stretched to a large extent, the vagina gets irritated, dry and sore. It usually gets back to normal in four to six weeks. But in some cases, the trouble keeps bothering the female even after months of delivery.
  • Painful Sexual Intercourse- Sex after childbirth will definitely feel the vagina is loose, both the partners are unable to have a pleasurable and satisfying sexual intercourse. For some, it may get back to normal in a few weeks but some females may have the complaint of pain during sex even after months of the delivery.Also, the soreness and dryness if the vagina plays an important role in causing discomfort during sex.

Laser Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening

With the laser Vaginal tightening, the female can get back her firm and tight vagina in just 20 minutes! The procedure is completely pain-free and has no side effects, just pleasing benefits. Many couples face a hard time in their relationship because of non-satisfying sexual intercourse due to the looseness of the vagina.

This can be very upsetting and even embarrassing for the female. You do not have to spare much time! Just 20 minutes in the clinic and you will get instant results. The whole procedure is completed in four to six sessions, the exact number of which can be told by the gynecologist.

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