Facing embarrassment due to puffy nipples even after wearing loose-fitting clothes? Tried out all the supplements you saw on the television for burning fat fast? Fret not. There are still some chances that you can lose the stubborn fat on the chest to get that even-toned body. Here are some of the basic exercises that are time tested for losing chest fat.

7 Exercises That Can Reduce Gynecomastia

  1. Push-ups

    Practicing Push-ups daily can tighten the chest muscles. In addition to this, these also help to build triceps and deltoids. This exercise can be practiced anywhere. There are various types of push-ups one can benefit from- TRX push-ups, plyo push-ups, decline push-ups, diamond push-ups, one-arm push-up.

    In order to do a push up follow the steps-
    -Start by placing the hands below the shoulders
    -Make sure that the head, back and buttocks are in a straight line
    -After this, extend the legs such that your body weight is on the toes
    -Keep your core muscles firm and strong
    -Pull yourself down and up such that elbows are at a right angle
    -Keep the elbows tucked inside the body

    Out of all the variations of push-up, the Decline push-up offers the most effective results for toning the chest. It differs from normal push-up in the sense that the legs are kept on a high platform. Hence, begin with 3 sets of push-ups and transition to 10-12 sets.

  2. Standing Cable Fly

    It is important to practice Standing cable flys for the even-toned chest. Not only the chest muscles, but this exercise also helps to strengthen the triceps and shoulders. Moreover, it also helps to burn fat in the overall body quickly. Here’s how to perform this exercise-
    -Start with holding both the pulleys with appropriate weight at the shoulder level.
    -Put one foot forward to split the stance.
    – Grab hold of the handles of the pulleys.
    – Make sure that the back is straight and core strong
    -Raise the arms to the side with palms facing forward
    -Walk a step or two forward
    -Bend the elbows slights such that they do not go back behind the shoulders
    -Pull the hands toward each other in wide arcs such that they almost touch
    -Go back to normal position slowly
    -Repeat this with the other leg

    Quick tip: Practice in front of the mirror. For beginners, repeat this exercise in sets of 3, each 10 times.

  3. Plank to Push-Up

    This is a hybrid of planks and push-ups. This exercise makes the core muscles stronger that helps to perform other workouts. The Plank to Push-up helps to stabilize the torso. This works as there is the only movement of arms and shoulders while the rest of the body remains stable. Here’s how to do Plank to Push-up-

    -Start with a plank position with putting full weight on the elbows
    -Make sure that elbows are locked while you move up the entire body in a straight line
    -Lower the body to the initial position while being in the straight line
    -Repeat this 10 times making it one complete set.

    While practicing this exercise, make sure the hips or back are tight or there is no arch in the back. For beginners, experts recommend three sets of 30 seconds each.

  4. Sprints

    Lifting weights only are not enough to reduce man boobs. It is also important to include cardio exercises in the fitness regime to burn out the fat. Trainers recommend High-Intensity Interval Training that helps to lose the fat very fast around the chest region. One of the major reasons that trainers or athletic people have a toned body is that they involve in sprinting. While sprinting, almost every muscle in the body is utilized. Therefore, to reduce puffiness around the nipples and get a well-cut body contour, aim for 45-60 seconds sprints on the treadmill. Or else, try to cover a track of 100-200 meter sprints in a field.

  5. Bench press

    Bench presses offer the maximum toning of the chest muscles. There are three major presses- flat, incline, decline. The combination of these three types of bench pressure can offer the maximum shaping of the body’s muscles. Furthermore, bench presses help to build strength as well as stimulate hypertrophy. This exercise also burns fat and provides the extra little cut in the pec muscles. Just like other exercises, beginners should start with three bench presses of ten reps each. Here are the steps of performing a bench press-

    -At the initial stage, lie flat on the back on a bench.
    -Open your hands such that they are wider than shoulder-width apart to maximize force generation
    -Breathe in while you bring the bar slowly down to the chest
    -As you breathe out, push up while you grip the bar strongly.

  6. Reverse Cable Pulls

    According to trainers, building the chest muscles is not sufficient. They claim that it is equally important to build a strong core for healthy back as well as shapen the back muscles to enhance the overall body contour. Hence, this will reduce the looseness of the skin due to gravity. Here’s how to do reverse cable pulls-
    -Put two cables with a handle at the height of the chest height
    -Reach for the left handle with the right hand and vice-versa. This will make an X in front of the face.
    -Bend the knees softly.
    -Slowly lower the handles back to the starting position under control.
    -Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

    Repeat this 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps each concentrating on the posture as well as making sure the upper-back muscles are firm.

  7. Dumbbell Pullover

    Great bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger practice the dumbbell pullover to curve out those chest muscles. Here are the instructions-
    -Start with lying flat on a flat bench with knees bent at a right angle
    -Hold low or medium weight dumbbell above the chest with the elbows slightly bent
    -Bring the dumbbell back over the head all the way down
    -Practice this in 3 sets in the beginning. Gradually, aim for more sets with 10-12 reps in each set. 

How To Lose Chest Fat Fast?

Before answering this question, here are some fundamentals that need to be cleared. Abdominal fat are very difficult to shed as the body is unable to metabolize them fast. Moreover, the fat around the chest releases an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Hence, when there is excessive fat that results in estrogen production, it leads to breast tissue growth or gynecomastia. Some men are likely to have higher chances of fat deposition.

In such cases, one can lose fat through liposuction along with gland excision. Through liposuction, the surgeon drains excess fat by breaking it. While in the gland excision, the extra tissue under the breasts is removed in surgery. Pristyn Care offers both these procedures for treating gynecomastia. Visit the website to know more.

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Can Gynecomastia recur with exercises?

Yes, once the patient stops exercising once the swelling of the breast has reduced can contribute to the recurrence of gynecomastia. Exercises only help to reduce the fat on the chest that is contributing to its enlargement. For a permanent solution, gynecomastia patients should undergo gland excision surgery along with liposuction. Pristyn Care Aesthetic doctors are highly-experienced to provide these surgery at their world-class clinics. 

Which exercise is best for gynecomastia?

Some of the exercises that patients suffering from gynecomastia should practice on a daily basis include pushups, bench press, butterflies and other workout techniques that focus on tightening the chest. 

Can push ups helps to get rid of moobs?

Yes, gym experts claim that pushups are great for people looking to carve out their chest muscles. They recommend to include 20 reps of pushups in their fitness regime to make the muscles more toned. 

Is it possible to get rid of gynecomastia without surgery?

No, gynecomastia can only be cured with surgery. Non-surgical options such as exercises, diet, medicines tend to be ineffective in the long run. Also, the extent of gynecomastia can be so severe that these options don't tend to reduce the swelling and puffiness around the nipples. 

Does working out make gynecomastia worse?

Actually, yes. Regular exercise can make the chest muscles stronger due to targeted strength movements. This, in turn, pushes the tissues out farther from the chest making the breasts more prominent and tuberous. 

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