Can Hemorrhoids cause bloating or gas

Gas and bloating, to some extent, are a normal phenomenon. But if experienced in excess, they may indicate some bigger cause. Excess of gas or bloating may be a reason for some serious intestinal or digestive diseases. Some people feel excessive bloating or gas may be a reason for piles. It is not medically proven yet that excessive bloating or gas is a result of hemorrhoids. But, in some cases, if the passing of gas becomes painful, it may be a reason of colon cancer, colorectal cancer, anal fissure, hemorrhoids or just normal digestive complications or irritation in the anus or around the anal opening. If you experience excessive gas or bloating and have an uneasy, painful feeling while passing gas, it is suggested to see a doctor immediately as the symptoms might indicate some other serious disease.

various types of symptoms for hemorrhoids

Symptoms caused by Hemorrhoids

  • There may be various types of symptoms for hemorrhoids. Sometimes, the symptoms of hemorrhoids may be mild, but in severe cases of the disease, the symptoms may be severe. With the passage of time, the hemorrhoids may become inflamed and may look engorged with blood. In the case of thrombosed hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid may look bluish-purple in color and may be pretty painful and sensitive.
  • Pain in and around the anal area. Due to swollen and inflamed veins around the hemorrhoids, there may be severe pain around the anus.
  • The swollen veins may lead to visible redness and swelling around the anus and anal area. This may seriously cause uneasiness, itching, and redness around the anal opening.
  • There may be bleeding while passing stool. If the disease is left undetected, it may cause a lot of bleeding during bowel movements. This can make bowel movements very painful.
  • Itching around the anal opening. This may be a result of infection or due to inflation of veins. The inflation can also cause swelling around the anal opening and inside the anus.
  • The anal opening is the only part of the anus that is exposed. Due to a lot of pressure, inflation and ruptured veins, the anal opening becomes very sensitive. It is even sensitive to touch or wipe with a toilet paper.
  • Pain while prolapsing

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Get professional help- Permanent cure for hemorrhoids

laser piles surgery

It is not normal to have blood in the stool. No matter if it is just a few drops of blood. It may be a symptom of piles or some other serious food. Itching, swelling, and inflation around the anus or anal area. Now, piles can be treated by a pain-free method using a unique laser technique. The pain-free laser technique is very convenient. The patient feels no pain after the surgery also. Unlike the open surgery for hemorrhoids, this treatment is not at all painful for the patients. The patient can follow up with their normal diet and daily lifestyle after a rest of 12-15 hours post-surgery. When diagnosed with piles, the patient is suggested to get the laser piles surgery done and get a permanent cure for piles.

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