The vagina completely changes after childbirth. These natural changes include wider vagina, soreness, dryness or itchiness, etc. The vagina naturally gets back to its normal shape, texture and condition in four to six weeks. But after giving birth, the vagina becomes wide.

During childbirth, the vagina stretches to a large extent which makes the walls wide and vagina loose. Its usual for women to feel looseness and dryness in the vagina or experience less sensation during sex after childbirth.

How does sex feel after giving birth?

Many females have the complain that they have lost sexual pleasure after giving birth. This is not just during the postpartum period, due to looseness of the vagina, both the partners are not able to have complete satisfaction with their sexual life.

This case is even worse after multiple childbirths. Some females even complain of discomfort during sex or urinary incontinence. The vagina is also unusually dry during that period.

The females also find it difficult to reach the level of orgasm. There is a limited extent to which the vagina can stretch after a normal delivery. The vaginal muscles have a reduced tone which makes sex less satisfying.

This can lead to both emotional and sexual problems between both the partners.

Laser Vaginal Tightening at Pristyn Care

It is the natural fact that the vagina is made both for sexual intercourse and childbirth. The body heals itself and the vagina too after some time of the childbirth but the vagina gets loose. There are surgical options available to get a tight vagina. But the surgical procedure is very painful.

Also, the doctor advises to take a break of a couple of months after he childbirth if you want the Vaginoplasty done. Most females avoid the option as they do not want to go through another painful surgery with a long and painful recovery period after enduring the pain during childbirth.

The laser vaginal tightening is a blessing to females suffering from complexities of the vagina post childbirth. This procedure is a solution to vaginal dryness, looseness and itching. The whole procedure is carried out in four to six sessions, each performed at a gap of 20 to 25 days.

The exact number of sessions can be confirmed by the gynecologist himself.

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