Vaginal infection is common in woman. It may lead to frequent vaginal discharge, itching, burning sensation, or even foul smell. Infection in the vagina may be caused by an imbalance of bacteria and yeast in the region. Every 7 in 10 women experience vaginal infection once in their life. Oral medications and topical creams may help initially, however, if the infection becomes severe it may not be helpful. In such a case, laser vaginal treatment is recommended to cure the infection completely.


Some common factors that may lead to infection in the genital region are:

  • Disturbance in the pH balance
  • Intake of antibiotic medicines as they reduce Lactobacillus (good bacteria in the vagina)
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Changes in hormone due to menstrual cycles
  • Mental stress
  • Improper sleep patterns
  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy
  • Improper insulin levels
  • Weak functioning of the immune system


Some common symptoms that indicate vaginal infection are:

If you see any of these symptoms, do not delay and discuss the problem with your doctor. The health care professional will diagnose your condition and help you with medication and treatment options if required.

Laser Treatment for Vaginal Infection

Laser therapy is booming as it is the most innovative non-surgical procedure. The laser light used in the therapy stimulates the growth of new tissues by triggering collagen levels. This facilitates the healing mechanism of the body. The boost in collagen, make the skin regain its elasticity along with increasing blood supply to that area. It is a very simple procedure that takes about 15 minutes. Local anesthesia may be given to avoid any chances of pain or discomfort, although it is bearable. It also restores the normal sensation level which may lose over time or with infection.


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