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What is Chronic Constipation?

Constipation is generally defined as bowel movements that are difficult, incomplete or very hard to pass. The stool always feels hard and very dry. Chronic constipation occurs when constipation becomes very chronic at a stage when an individual performs very fewer or roundabout three bowel movements in a week. Few people face occasional constipation which can be simply cured with the help of medicines and by following some healthy lifestyle instructions given by their doctor

While chronic constipation is one of the very serious gastrointestinal problems. It may even lead to discomfort for an individual in their daily routine life. Chronic constipation also pressurizes the individual to put excessive strain or stress while making bowel movements which causes more rectal diseases.



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Dry and hard stools may cause Anal Fissure


Fecal Impaction (hardened stool getting stuck in intestines


Rectal Prolapse


a stage of rectum stretch from the anus


Swollen veins in the anus


Blockages in Colon or Rectum

Neurological problems

Pelvic Muscle Dyssynergia

Hormonal Imbalance


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On diagnosis chronic constipation can be easily analyzed with the help of the physical examination of the patient by the doctors followed a discussion of the symptoms occurring thereof. Sometimes, there are common medical tests available that are undertaken. The tests to be done are mentioned as follows:

  • Blood Tests; Balloon Expulsion Test; Colonic Transit Study; Scintigraphy; Defecography; Sigmoidoscopy; Colonoscopy; Anorectal; Manometry; MRI Defecography


Healthy Diet intake and Changes in Lifestyle: This one is the most important and initial part to look after yourself for the treatment. The proper diet strategy will help in the easy passage of stools. To do improvement in the diet plans, patient should consider the following lifestyle changes mandatorily:

  • Consumption of fiber-rich foods as it will help in ease of the passing of stools; Start light exercises, phones and newspapers should be avoided while using the bathroom as distractions and stress may also lead to the stoppage in the passing of stools.; Exercising should be started to stay physically fit and active; Enough time should be spared to make bowel movements do not rush always and avoid distractions; Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, and cereals additions to have a rich diet; For every 1000 calories, an individual should add 14 grams of fiber in their diet.

Laxatives: Physicians may prescribe various types of laxatives which may be generally recommended after consulting the expert doctor. The Laxatives usually include Fiber Supplements Stimulants, Lubricants, and Stool softeners, Osmotic, Enemas and suppositories, Glycerin or bisacodyl suppositories.

Biofeedback/ Training of the pelvic muscles: In this process, the physiotherapist will teach how to relax & tighten the muscles of the pelvis. It will help the patient to understand the muscle relaxation and eventually helps the stools to pass easily through the rectum area.

Electrical Stimulation: This is one of the non - surgical methods for the treatment of Chronic Constipation. It will basically help to activate the muscles and nerves of the pelvic region. It is the most effective way to help the stools passing easy.

Surgical methods: When all the methods are tried but chronic constipation is not treated then surgery is among the last options. Effective surgical treatments are done to treat chronic constipation which is caused by blockage, rectocele, anal fissure and stricture.

STARR (Stapled Trans-anal Resection of the Rectum): which is used for the Obstructed Defecation Syndrome is one of the very commonly done surgical management methods to treat the chronic constipation problem. There are numerous best doctors for chronic constipation treatment in Khammam that are made available by Pristyn care Laser Clinic situated in Khammam. The doctors at Pristyn care believes in treating the patients of all age groups with the most unique and advanced techniques available. The problem of constipation is common which may easily grow with the age. So, it’s better to take timely consultation. You can get an effective surgery for chronic constipation in Khammam by consulting through Pristyn laser care clinic.


  • Add Fenugreek herb in the diet to control inflammation in the body; Add Garlic in the diet because of its antibiotic and antifungal properties; Take a teaspoon of Honey in warm water and drink daily; Turmeric because of its anti-inflammatory benefits; Take two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar daily

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