Benefits of potato for piles

Piles or hemorrhoids may seem a very simple condition. Even though it’s not a life-threatening disorder, it may affect your quality of life to a great extent. It is considered to be one of the most common problems affecting a large number of populations in the world. Piles is a condition where a demarcating swelling is observed inside or around the anus or the rectum. 

It occurs due to the increased pressure applied to the anus while passing stools, constipation and diarrhea for a prolonged period, during the last stages of pregnancy, history of piles in the family, or due to the lifting of heavyweights. The swelling of piles is basically a collection of tissue and veins which becomes swollen to form an enlarged tissue. The size of the piles can vary and become more enlarged if not treated on time. This enlarged tissue may cause itching, burning sensation, and bleeding while defecating.

Home Remedies for Piles or hemorrhoids

Since people feel reluctant to speak about their suffering from piles, they often tend to go for simple home remedies that may help treat their conditions naturally without even having to consult a doctor or take any medication. Some of the home remedies that may help in hemorrhoids are below:

  1. Consuming a bowl of yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of powdered black mustard may provide significant improvement in piles.
  2. Ripe mashed banana mixed in a cup of milk can help alleviate pain caused by piles. Effective when used 3-4 times a day.
  3. Extract the juice of white radish and mix it with a tablespoon of honey and apply it on to your hemorrhoids to find relief from piles.
  4. Raw potato juice if consumed before taking meals can improve blood circulation to the area and flush out excess toxins from the body.

Mashed potato for hemorrhoids

Medicinal properties of Potato

Potato is not only a superfood, but every part of it has medicinal and healing properties. You can eat it raw, peel it, mash it, or boil; even the water in which you boil the potatoes can be used as a soup. Potato has a plethora of benefits and helps in treating a variety of diseases like gastrointestinal disorders, peptic ulcers, headaches, rheumatic joints, swellings, anti-aging, skin rashes, hemorrhoids, swollen gums and to heal burns. 

 Benefits of potato for hemorrhoids treatment

  1. Potato is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and can bring fast relief from swelling in hemorrhoid conditions.
  2. It also helps in relieving the burning or stinging sensation caused in piles by providing a cooling effect.
  3. A potato’s skin is rich in fiber, and various minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. When applied on the piles can help relieve the pain, by promoting blood circulation to the area and holding the heat liberated from the affected area for longer periods.
  4. Potato is rich in fibers and can help treat constipation by promoting easy passage of stools and thus help in hemorrhoid treatment.  

How to use potato for hemorrhoids?

  1. A slice of potato when applied to hemorrhoids can take up all that heat from the affected area caused due to inflammation and thus provides a cooling effect.
  2. Taking cooked potatoes can increase the capacity of your digestive tract. Cooked and mashed potatoes contain a kind of carbohydrate that can help form bulk in the intestine as it passes through the digestive tract undigested. The undigested carbohydrate helps feed your friendly gut bacteria and thus treats your constipation.
  3. A grated potato poultice may act as an astringent and soothe pain caused by hemorrhoids.
  4. To prepare potato extract, grind small chunks of potato in a blender until it’s in liquid form. Then apply them on the hemorrhoids for 5-10 minutes, by putting them into a thin gauze bandage or a clean handkerchief.
  5. Potato starch that can be made by boiling two inches of potato in a glass of water and drinking it every morning on an empty stomach can produce an anti-inflammatory effect on the swollen tissues of hemorrhoids.

Potatoes for hemorrhoids are an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids; it stops pain, detoxifies the blood by removing toxins and eases pain through its anti-inflammatory activity. A potato a day on an empty stomach can keep piles away. So, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids then you should include potato for hemorrhoids in your daily diet.

Also, consult a doctor if these home remedies are not effective. You can take online consultation from our medical experts right away. 

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