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A hernia is a fairly common abnormality in one’s body which is caused by the exit of an organ or tissue through the cavity wall it resides in.

Hernias can occur in different parts of our body. However the most common of them occur in the abdomen, specifically near the groin. Apart from groin hernias in the inguinal canal or femoral canal, umbilical hernia, and hiatus hernias are also fairly common. Post surgery hernia or incisional hernias occur in surgery sites which have not healed properly.

The most common remedy for a hernia is of course surgery. However, the recovery period after a surgery can be quite prolonged and even painful. That is why, many people are opting for painless hernia treatment in the form of hernia belt or hernia truss.

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What is a hernia belt?

A hernia belt is a belt worn around the abdomen that helps to push the misplaced organ or protrusion back to its original place. In medical terms, the process is known as reduction of the hernia and is one of the procedures for painless hernia treatment for patients.

For groin hernias, there is a specific kind of hernia belt known as a truss that can help to reduce the condition. However, not all hernias can be treated by wearing a belt and some need surgical intervention sooner or later.

Let us now take a glance at the purpose and benefits of using hernia belts.

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What is the purpose of a hernia belt?

The main purpose of a hernia belt is to help reduce the protrusion in your body. These belts are usually made of plastic and are wrapped around the site of hernia tightly to keep the bulge from protruding further.

The belt has a piece of hard plastic or metal that when positioned on the hernia site applies pressure on the bulge and helps to push it back to its place.

Since the belt keeps the bulge in place, it must be worn at all times to make it effective. Otherwise its purpose is defeated by the simple acts of sneezing, coughing etc. that puts a strain on your body.

However, this painless hernia treatment procedure has numerous benefits as well.

Benefits of using hernia belts:

Apart from being one of the most painless hernia treatment procedures, there are several benefits of using a hernia belt. They are:

  • In the cases where hernia is not severe, hernia belts along with medications and regular yoga are enough to cure the condition.
  • The belts are worn under your clothes. Thus they do not warrant any extra problems in terms of using them regularly.
  • Wearing a belt or truss puts steady pressure on the hernia site, preventing the condition from re-occurring.
  • Wearing a hernia belt also helps to reduce the pain or discomfort in the affected area.
  • Sometimes, a surgery is inevitable for the hernia. In that case, using a belt in the period between the diagnosis of the condition and the surgery helps to keep the pain minimal and prevents further damage.
  • Apart from being a painless hernia treatment process, it is also inexpensive and easily available in stores.
  • They are also available in different sizes for men, women and children, thus making them accessible for everyone.

However, hernia belts should be used only after consulting your doctor. Even though they help to reduce the hernia and manage pain and its other symptoms, it is not a permanent solution in most cases.

A word of caution:

Even though they are great methods that facilitate hernia reduction, these belts are not safe for prolonged use. They might pose the risk of cutting off blood supply to the area, giving rise to problems.

That is why, it is crucial to get the right belt for your condition and it should be used strictly under your doctor’s supervision.

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