Are you sure you can get rid of gallstones naturally? Gallstones are the hard deposits, normally know as stone, in the gallbladder. The major cause of gallstone is high levels of cholesterol and excess bilirubin. Based on which it is classified into two types: –

  • Cholesterol gallstones
  • Pigment gallstones

Although gallstones don’t require surgical treatment in all conditions, you may treat them with some natural and home remedies at an initial stage. But there is no such scientific proof that 

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Some natural ways to get rid of gallstones are:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has the power of eliminating various diseases from your body and gives you a strong immune system. A healthy lifestyle consists of various aspects;

  • Having a balanced diet and having your meals on time.
  • Increasing fiber-rich foods and water intake.
  • Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and incorporating physical activities to your routine.
  • Adding nutritional supplements such as vitamin C, iron, and lecithin in your diet with the consult of a doctor.

Gallbladder Cleanse

Gallbladder cleanse is a procedure that involves fasting and having olive oil, sunflower oil, and lemon juice to flush out toxins. It helps in breaking gallstone into small pieces and flushing it out from the gallbladder.

Fruit Juices

Some fruit juice such as apple juice can help soften gallstones and removing it out of your system. However, having a lot of fruit juice may not be good in several conditions like for people suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia and stomach ulcers in common.


Some special yoga practices can help you pass gallstones naturally. Yoga helps in improving the lipid profile of people suffering from diabetes, which is also the main cause of cholesterol gallstones. Thus, yoga can help treat cholesterol gallstones that involves an abnormality of lipid profile.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an oral supplement that helps stimulating liver and gallbladder disorders. It is known to lower the levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients. Hence, it is better to consult a doctor before taking this supplement.


Artichoke is a food type that can be consumed as steamed, pickled or grilled. It is also available as the supplement in the form of pills. It is known to stimulate bile and thus facilitates the functioning of gallbladder and liver.

Castor Oil & Gold Coin Grass

Castor oil packs are an ancient remedy. The method consists of placing a cloth soaked in warm castor oil on the abdomen. It gives instant relief to pain and helps treat your gallstones. Gold coin grass is a Chinese herb that helps to treat gallstones naturally.


Acupuncture reduces spasms that facilitate bile flow. It helps in relieving pain in the upper right abdomen and volume of the gallbladder.

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Modern Treatment Option for Gallstones

There is no definitive proof that these natural treatments can surely eliminate the gallstones. These at-home treatments are popular alternatives to medical interventions.

In case you have tried the remedies and did not receive the desired result, you may have to consult with your doctor. You can ask for an advanced and modern surgical treatment.

The modern treatment is USFDA approved daycare procedure, known as laparoscopic gallstone surgery. The surgeon may recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder since they can recur.

Once your gallbladder is removed, bile flows directly from your liver into your small intestine, rather than being stored in your gallbladder. Stop suffering from symptoms of gallstones. Therefore, get the best and most reliable minimally invasive treatment of gallstones to cure the problem.

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