Worst Foods for patients with anal fissure

Patients with piles are suggested to take a fiber-rich diet and drink plenty of water each day. A fiber-rich diet helps in easy digestion of food and also in the formation of a normal stool. Water also helps in cases of piles the similar way. Regular intake of water helps in steady flushing of fluids, putting less pressure on the intestines. Sufficient intake of water also helps in easy bowel movements.

For the patients of piles, there is a certain set of food items that should be avoided in order to not worsen the disease. Food items that are devoid of fiber form a hard stool which leads to painful bowel movements. In such a case, the patient needs to spend a lot of time on the toilet seat, unable to pass a steady stool. This may worsen the disease and be painful for even hours after the bowel movements.

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List of 6 Worst Foods for Piles

There are some food items that the doctors’ advice to strictly avoid during piles. Such food is also called the “worst food for piles” as they can seriously make the piles worse and cause a lot of pain and inconvenience to the patient. Below are mentioned some seriously harmful foods for a patient with Piles.

1. Bakery Food items

Bakery food items such as cakes, brown bread, etc. are low in fiber. It is very easy to identify low fiber food. The food items that make your mouth dry upon chewing or eating are low in fiber. Such food should be strictly avoided for a person with piles.

pictorial representation of bakery foods

2. Processed Meat

Natural meat is healthy and loaded with natural juices and oils. But the Processed meat is accompanied with additional preservatives which may prove harmful for the digestive system.

pictorial representation of processed meat

3. Polished Rice

Just like the above case, polished rice, which is artificially polished are devoid of any fiber. They instead are just starch and carbohydrate-filled food.

pictorial representation of polished rice

4. Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeine causes a lot of bloating and if taken in excess, may also lead to constipation. Beverages such as tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks should be strictly avoided as it can further complicate the disease of piles.

pictorial representation of a boy taking caffeinated drinks

5. Oily and Deep Fried food items

Oily and deep fried food items are heavy for the digestive system. They are considered as one of the worst foods for piles. Food upon deep frying loses its nutritional value and further leads to constipation, which is definitely harmful to piles.

pictorial representation of oily food items

6. Some Dairy products

Not all dairy products are harmful to the condition of piles. But items like skim milk may lead to heavy constipation which can make the piles worse. Constipation not only makes the current situation of a piles’ patient worse but also leaves long term effects, it can also make the disease of piles more severe.

pictorial representation of milk

There are some food items that are suggested by medical experts and doctors for patients with piles. Such food includes a high fiber diet and a steady intake of water. This helps in steady bowel movements. The regular intake of water prevents the formation of a hard stool, making it comparatively easier for the patient to pass stool. For permanent treatment of piles laser surgery is the solution to look for.

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