Fistula surgery recovery at home

Laser surgery is the best treatment for anal fistula. Anal fistula do not go away on their own. In this blog, we shall talk about stages of anal fistula surgery recovery that includes things that a patient needs to take care of after the surgery at home. 

Medicines on discharge after fistula surgery 

For recovery, you may need some medicines or the surgeon may recommend some medicines such as:

  • Painkiller after fistula surgery: Take only prescribed medicines to get rid of any pain after fistula surgery as they may cause constipation. 
  • Medicine for Constipation: Constipation is a common problem but is temporary. Doctors prescribe stool softeners during discharge after fistula surgery. 

Self-care after fistula surgery at home

To completely recover from fistula surgery, self-care is equally important. Here are some tips for quick recovery and precautions to be taken after fistula surgery. 

  • Follow diet instructions: Drink enough water and increase liquid intake to prevent constipation. Ask your surgeon when you can start eating normally and add more fiber to your diet. In case of laser surgery, there are no special diet instructions after surgery but it is always good to ask the doctor and take precautions. (Also read: Food to eat after surgery to promote healing)
  • Avoid strenuous work: After surgery, it is good to take rest and avoid unnecessary exertion. Do not lift heavy objects or exercise that may put pressure. 
  • Say no to smoking and alcohol: Smoking is injurious to health and smoking after surgery can increase complications. 
  • Take a sitz bath: Sit in lukewarm water 2-3 times for 15-20 minutes every day to help you relax. 
  • Exercise: Exercise helps in smoothing the digestive tract by further softening the stool. 
  • Hygiene: Clean the area as instructed by the medical providers. Also, wash your hands before and after cleaning the anal region to prevent further infection. Avoid using any scented products such as talc or ointment as it may irritate the incisional area. 

For those who undergo open fistulotomy, additional care is required during the recovery period. You have to go for regular dressings of the surgical wound to keep the area clean. 

Laser surgery for anal fistula is preferred over conventional methods for various reasons and the most important of them is quick, comfortable recovery. 

Difference between laser and open fistula surgery

Recovery2 days, complete recovery might take a week or twoRecovery takes 1-2 weeks and complete recovery might take a month
Wound healingNo wound cuts and stitches in laser surgery for fistulaHealing of wound and incision sight may take a week
DressingIt is a minimally invasive technique so dressing is usually not requiredTimely dressing of the wound is important to prevent infection
RestPatient can return to normal routine after 48 hours of the laser surgeryPatient need to take rest for at least a week after normal fistulotomy
ExerciseGentle exercise after fistula surgery is good and recommended after laser surgeryNo exercises for a week until the stitches dissolve after fistula surgery

Take Away

After having surgery to remove anal fistula, you are able to move around and eat. This happens when you discharge after fistula surgery and the effect of anesthesia has worn out. You are able to go home the same day with some instructions for quick and easy recovery. However, if you get laser surgery from Pristyn Care, you get free follow-ups with a diet chart and exercise routine for hassle-free recovery after fistula surgery. 

Immediately contact your healthcare provider if you notice nausea or vomiting, constipation, difficulty passing urine, fever, redness, swelling or pain in the anal region. Thus, the doctor can take the necessary steps at the same time. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purpose only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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