Vegan food and hemorrhoids? It seems to be unrelated. If you think so, you might want to reconsider as to which type of food do you eat has a lot to do with your excretion process. Hemorrhoids also go by the name of piles. These are nothing but swollen veins in the lower part of your excretory system which includes the rectum and the anus. Whenever there is any bowel movement, this area gets irritated and may also sometimes heavily bleed. Sometimes, even surgeries are needed to treat hemorrhoids, along with medicines.

How can you know if you have piles?

It is easily detectable. Whenever you feel any strain in your rectum while emptying your bowel, or you witness blood while excreting, it may be a symptom of the condition known as piles or hemorrhoids.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

There are several causes which can lead to this condition, in which some are in our control, while others are not.

  1. Pregnancy
    These commonly occur in pregnant women as enlargement of the uterus creates pressure on the veins in the colon. (Also Read: Risk of Piles during Pregnancy )
  2. Aging
    Hemorrhoids are most common in people aged between 45 to 65 years.
  3. Obesity
    As a result of excess weight, pressure constricts the veins and blood vessels surrounding the anus and colon.
  4. Heavy lifting
    Straining activities can lead to piles.
  5. Sitting for too long
    Sitting for too long can exert too much pressure on the lower rectum. 
  6. Chronic constipation
    Sometimes if there is a rough movement of stool, it can cause strain in the lining of the rectum. (Also Read: Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Constipation? )
  7. Anal intercourse
    Rough anal sex can cause irritation in blood vessels and might result in hemorrhoids.
  8. Genetics
    Sometimes it is also carried by the genes.

Role of Vegan Diet in Hemorrhoids

So, which type of food helps your hemorrhoids condition the best?

It is a proven fact that vegan food helps in controlling this medical condition. It can help you prevent or alleviate this problem. This is because vegan food has almost 50-100% more fiber than non-vegetarian food. This reduces your chances of suffering from piles. If you have a very low quantity of fiber in your diet, you have a higher chance of suffering from this condition. There is a peculiar kind of fiber called insoluble fiber or semi fermentable fiber that is very helpful in preventing piles. This includes food that is rich in cellulose, for instance, whole wheat grains or whole wheat bread.

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You would have also noticed that when you consume fiber-rich food which includes green leafy vegetables, peels of vegetables and fruits, your bowel movement the next day is very smooth.

There are other vegetarian food that will definitely prevent hemorrhoids from happening.

  1. Broccoli and vegetables rich in insoluble fiber- This includes radishes, turnips, cabbages, sprouts, cauliflower, etc.
  2. Root vegetables- Vegetables like sweet potato, carrots and potatoes are filled with intestine healthy fibers. The best way to consume them is either to roast them or to boil them with their skin unpeeled. This way your body will receive the resistant starch which it needs for a smooth bowel movement.
  3. Bell peppers- This may not be as fibrous as the leafy vegetables mentioned above. But they keep your body hydrated as they have about 92% of water content. This hydrating property of bell peppers will keep you away from constipation and piles.  
  4. Apples- Apples are rich in a fiber called Pectin. It is a soluble fiber but it keeps your digestive tract in a gel-like consistency which helps soften and bulk up your stool.
  5. Fluids- Keeping our body hydrated is very important. And, it is of great significance as it helps in our excretion process and softens stool.  (Also Read: Liquid Diet for Hemorrhoids: What to drink? )

Vegan Diet for Severe Piles Condition

Vegan diet can help prevent the condition, but if your condition is critical, you must consult a piles specialist and get the treatment of piles as soon as possible. However, a change in diet can stop the burning, itching, pain and bleeding, along with halting their progression. Laser surgery for piles can work wonders and provide instant relief.  Surgery (hemorrhoidectomy) should be the last resort, only if all other methods fail to treat the condition. 

Take Away

So far, by learning these facts, we can conclude that constipation is the most prominent cause of hemorrhoids. So, following a diet that includes vegan food is the best option for you to avoid hemorrhoids because this will keep your digestive tract healthy which in turn will help to carry out the excretion process smoothly.

When suffering from hemorrhoids, a person is strongly advised to avoid food that lacks fiber. This may include red meat, processed meat, dairy products, fried food, white flour (Maida), etc. Having caffeinated drinks, alcohol, spicy food can also worsen the situation. By following all these steps and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a person can surely avoid this unfortunate condition. To know more, you can contact our nearby piles specialist.

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