Anal Bleaching Guide- Know Absolutely Everything about Anal Bleaching

We do all sorts of things to look flawless to feel at our best. We switch hairstyles, work out, we get our skin care and body care regime on point, spend on salon services, etc. Some of us even have tattoos and piercings. We shave or even wax our nether regions to get rid of genetic hair down there. Adding a bleached anus in the list isn’t as outrageous as one might think.

Why consider Anal Bleaching?

There has been a 23% rise in anal bleaching treatments and products over the past year. People are getting more aware and interested in information about the colour back “there”.

The people who have had treatments for anal bleaching have said that the process makes them feel more confident in their sexual relationships and in general, makes them appear cleaner.

Whether you are on this page to look the best for your partner, or simply for yourself, we tell you it is no different than any other beauty treatment.

What are the reasons for dark skin around the anus?

The skin around your anus can be darker for a number of reasons- it can be due to hormonal changes, ageing or several other conditions. Pregnancy and menopause can affect the colour of the skin down there too. The genetic composition of your body could be another reason. Some individuals have more pigment in that area of their bodies than others.

skin around the anus

Quick Fact: The dark skin is not because you aren’t cleaning the area well enough or because you drink too many beverages. It is completely natural for some. However, personal hygiene is necessary, always!

The sudden or gradual change in the colour isn’t very pleasant. So, there are a bunch of treatments that can offer up solutions to lighten the area.

What does it do?

Anal Bleaching involves the process of lightening the skin around your anus for cosmetic reasons- to make it look more uniform with the surrounding areas.

For some people, the skin is naturally darker up their back passage- it varies from being a bit red to being very brown. Your natural skin tone also plays a role. Some people just have naturally have darker skin up their back passage – and it can vary a lot from being slightly red to being very brown. But note that we’re only talking about the area that’s visible from the outside – no creams or products should ever be used internally!

Laser Treatment

The laser anal bleaching uses a cutting-edge laser technology. Laser aims to remove the melanin layer which results in the dark colour. The treatment damages the skin so that it can rebuild itself and grow back lighter.

The treatment takes a few sessions and every session lasts around 15-20 minutes. Some treatments are combined with a cream treatment.

The laser procedure is carried out with local anaesthesia, as it might be painful for some. The best part is you can achieve quicker and more permanent results. The desired look can be achieved in a few days to a month, instead of a cream that takes months to show results.

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The Salon Treatment

If the laser treatment isn’t your thing then you should opt for an anal bleaching treatment at a salon or cosmetic treatment centre. This involves the application of a bleaching cream that lightens and brightens the area it is applied to.

These creams are specially designed for the anal area since it is sensitive and exposure to harmful chemicals may be dangerous. Make sure to verify the ingredients of the bleaching treatment, before opting for it. These days, the producers are more focused on creating bleaching agents with natural ingredients to do well than harm.

The procedure takes 10 minutes in total and is usually opted as add on to hair removal services. The professional will apply the bleaching cream on the areas around your anus, making sure it covers the darkened areas, and the cream does the rest.

The treatments, typically, gently reduce the activity of Tyrosinase, which is the enzyme responsible for skin darkening, in the new skin cells, and moisturises the area at the same time.

DIY Anal bleach

Anal Bleaching treatments are also available in DIY at home kits. At home, you need to apply it yourself, so saves any embarrassment of showing off at a salon. The kit contains a wash, a lightening cream and an after-treatment moisturiser.

You need to wash the area with the wash, pat dry gently and once the skin is dry, apply the lightening cream in circular motions. Wait for the cream to dry again, naturally, and according to your desired results. Wash it off to apply the moisturiser, so that the skin is not left irritated after the bleach.

Whether at the salon or at home, the treatments should not hurt or cause discomfort. Always opt for a patch test first to ensure you aren’t allergic or sensitive to ingredients. A little tingling is normal, but burning, itching or hurting is NOT! Abort immediately.

How long does the treatment last?

The cream treatment lasts shorter than a laser one. Also, the lasting effect depends on whether you did it at home or was it a professional treatment. The results vary based on skin type and sexuality. Professional treatments leave less room for errors. The effect lasts for almost a year without any touch-ups.

Everybody is different – so results and the amount of time it lasts vary.

You can opt for anal bleaching if you want to do it and you’re comfortable with the procedure. It’s your choice, and there is no need to be self-cautious of the appearance of that area. Whether you opt for it or not, there is no need to be ashamed that you want your butt to look good.

People today are becoming more aware of the options they have that can make them feel more confident and beautiful. This is helping them to be more open about the appearance of their genitalia.

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