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In medical terms, anal fissure is described as a tear in the mucosa tissues which lines the anus and the anal opening. The tissues of the anal region are very thin and moist, which makes them very prone to tear or damage if the person passes a hard stool. 

A fissure is a common condition that can happen to anyone. But in some cases, it gets worse, which needs medical attention. Considering it as a minor condition, people mostly avoid the symptoms, thinking it would heal on its own. But, ignorance in such cases can cause further damage.

After proper diagnosis, the patient can try the below mentioned effective remedies at home. Make sure to consult a specialist doctor before trying these remedies.  

  1. Prescribed Medication and Ointments-

    There are some over the counter ointments and medicines available for the treatment of this condition. But, as it is a very tender condition, consult an expert and then decide the treatment.


  2. Sitz Bath-

    The concept of Sitz Bath runs back to old European Culture. In this, the person has to soak his hips and anal region in warm water for approximately 10-15 minutes. Due to the heat from the warm water, the inflammation and swelling is reduced and the person may get relief from the pain. The Sitz Bath is advised to be repeated 2-3 times each day.  

  3. Fiber-Rich Diet-

    Eating a high fiber diet can help get rid of straining while passing stool and thus give the patient some relief. The patient is advised to eat fibrous fruits and vegetables, whole grains and drink a lot of water and other healthy fluids. Eating a fiber-rich and healthy diet along with a lot of water helps in normal bowel movements and normal stool formation. Lack of such diet and insufficient consumption of water can leave the body dehydrated and also form hard stool which can be very painful for the patient during bowel movements.  (Also Read: Home Remedies for Anal Fissure )

  4. Use moist toilet paper-

    Dry toilet paper can be harsh on the skin and irritate the skin. This can increase the discomfort caused. The patient is advised to use a moist toilet paper to clean the anal area. Use natural, non-scented toilet paper or wipes to keep the area clean and maintain the pH balance. Avoid using soaps to wipe after bowel movements as it can irritate the skin. 

  5. Hygiene-

    Keeping the anal area and anus clean is very important. In the case where hygiene is not maintained, the fissure can be accompanied by infections or other anal conditions. (Also Read: Why Corporate World is At the Higher Risk of Anal Disease? )

  6. Ice packs-

    The patient can use ice packs to get relief from the pain. The ice pack is supposed to be applied around the anal area. This has no harm but make sure to not do it in excess.

  7. Never Strain while on the toilet seat-

    Do not strain while going to the toilet. It can be hard passing stool sometimes with this condition. But stringing will only make it a lot worse. The best advice here is to use laxatives, stool softeners or other supplements and never hold the urge to pass stool.

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It is important for patients to understand that such treatment options if gone wrong, can be a nightmare. It can be very painful and inconvenient for the patient. Getting professional advice from a doctor is the best way to safeguard yourself from any bad consequences or side effects.

Medications for Anal Fissure

anal fissure medicines

An anal fissure can be healed with medications also. Effective medicines to cure anal fissure at home are listed below: 

  1. Allen A69 Anal Fissure Drop
  2. Osil Cream
  3. Secalia Cream
  4. Thank god Cream
  5. SbL Ratanhia Dilution 1000 Ch

Consult a doctor before taking medication or in case you face any side effects.

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Food to avoid if you have Anal Fissure 

A fiber-rich diet is recommended to the patient with anal fissure. On the other hand, there are certain foods that can directly worsen the condition of the patient. The patient with fissure should strictly avoid the below-mentioned foods: 

Worst Foods for patients with anal fissure

  1. Processed Meat
  2. Carbonated or Caffeinated Drinks
  3. Bakery Food
  4. Oily, fried and spicy food
  5. Skimmed Milk
  6. Polished Rice

Surgical Procedure- Laser Treatment for Anal Fissure

There are many medicines, ointments, and procedures to cure fissure, but not all of them are effective. In fact, in some cases, the patient ends up digging a hole for himself by worsening the disease by trying different home remedies or unprescribed medication.

The traditional open surgery for fissure is a painful procedure that ends up putting the patient on the bed for several days. The problematic and painful surgical procedure is a big reason most people avoid it and opt for other remedies.

The laser surgery takes just 30-40 minutes! The patient does not need to stay in the hospital or in bed for several days post-surgery. The patient is discharged 8-10 hours after being under the doctor’s surveillance post the surgery. They can resume work after a day’s rest. There is no pain even after the surgery. It is assumed that the patient treated with laser surgery would never have to complain about fissure ever again. 

You can now cure fissure forever with the pain-free laser treatment. With the new advanced laser treatment, the patient can get rid of anal fissure permanently. This treatment provides a guaranteed and instant cure. The laser surgery is completely safe and has no harm to the skin or organs of the human. There are no side effects of this treatment! 

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