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The vagina is a muscular tube that gives the passageway from the outer side of the body to the uterus. The vagina can change its size to accommodate sexual intercourse. Sexual activity can have an effect on vaginal health in numerous ways throughout intercourse and in the long term as well.

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Some of the possible effects and the factors accountable for these effects are given below:

Vaginal secretion: During sex, when you are aroused, the blood vessels supplying the vagina enlarge instantly. The flow of blood increases to lubricate the vaginal walls or rugae. The rugae open up and the space increases. These secretions are very important for women during sex, as dryness can lead to other problems.

Changing the size of the vagina: The vagina is considered to be elastic and adjustable. It changes its size to accommodate sex. Although, no lasting change in size occur but it does undergo temporary changes in size due to sex. The inside walls of the vagina broaden at the time of sexual intercourse and during childbirth. Clitoral tissues puff out and harden; it also grounds an expansion in size. But, after a short while, it gets back to its normal size.

UTIs: The friction during sex can give small cuts which allow bacteria to enter the urinary bladder from the vagina. It may cause infection in the bladder, urinary tract and the vagina. The condition may be prevented by the use of a condom or by urinating prior to and after sexual intercourse.

Abnormal discharge: Other than natural lubricants, vagina oozes some fluids, and the process is known as ‘female ejaculation’. A small amount of white fluid made of prostate plasma cells is created just ahead of your climax and secreted with a little amount of urine.

Vaginal pain: Lots of women complaint of pain and discomfort in or around the vagina during and just after sex. The pain may occur due to repetitive sex within a short period of time or decreased the discharge of natural lubricants.

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